Talented Seniors Bid Farewell

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The TV Studio at Cocalico High School has become home to some of the most creative students in the school, many of whom will pursue degrees in film and advertising when they leave high school at the end of this year.

“It’s like a family down here,” said senior Adam Stec, who plans to study advertising through Southern New Hampshire University. Part of the credit goes to teacher and advisor Greg Buck, who established the studio in 1993. “He’s one of those leaders that allows you to be creative and excel in your own way,” said Stec.

Excel is what these students have done. “I’m actually really, really proud of the Sir Valentine video,” said senior Margot Register, who worked with senior Jordan Burkholder to feature each member of the Sir Valentine court as a time-traveller. Register and Burkholder figured out a way to make the candidates disappear. “I found a transition with a big flashy thing,” said Register. “It worked so well with the snow, even if it was super cold outside.”

Register couldn’t even count the number of hours she spent on the video, but she did admit that she worked three consecutive 12-hour days, staying up until 3:00 a.m. in the morning to edit the video on a laptop she took home from the studio.

Seniors Matt Mohlenhoff and Adam Stec based the Homecoming video on an “Into the Movies” theme, with each candidate “auditioning” to star in a well-known movie. They were especially proud of the Gravity scene. “We green-screened everything to put her in space,” Mohlenhoff said. Interspersed with the movie clips were interviews with the candidates, posed next to movie posters as if doing promotional interviews for their movies.

Mohlenhoff has been making movies since he was in fourth grade, when he and some friends produced a YouTube comedy show. By seventh grade he had created a new channel featuring music videos and short films. In addition to that channel, called Pandoric Productions, he has an online personality channel called Matt Braeden in which he talks and does short skits by himself. With hopes of becoming a film director in Los Angeles, Mohlenhoff has applied to several film schools and will make his college decision soon.

Register also created videos at a young age. Using the figurines in her bedroom - horses, dolls, fairies, wizards and dragons - she worked with stop motion photography after getting her first camera in sixth grade. She listed director Tim Burton as one of her idols and explains that she is interested in children’s movies. “A dream would be to work for Laika Studios,” Register said. She has applied to several film schools and credits the Ephrata Performing Arts Center for kindling her fascination with behind-the-scenes work.

Jordan Burkholder hopes to use his television experience to create commercials. “I want to do commercials and advertise for companies,” he said. He hopes to study marketing at Temple or Bloomsburg.

Shown in the photo, from left to right, is Margot Register, Adam Stec, Matt Mohlenhoff and Jordan Burkholder.

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