E.A.R.S. Guests Appreciate Kindness From Intermediate School Students

(Shopping News Photo by Donald Reese)

Students from the Ephrata Intermediate School recently came together with the folks from E.A.R.S. for a fun holiday themed craft. The following are thoughts from the Middle School group.

“The reason we chose to work with people from E.A.R.S. is because of the read aloud that we read called “Because of Mr. Terupt.””

“The reason we are doing this is because in the story “Because of Mr. Terupt,” the students help other students in a Collaborative Classroom.”

“In this book we learned many valuable lessons. One of the lessons we learned is you should be kind because kindness doesn’t cost anything, but being mean does cost something. We also learned that no matter what you should treat everyone fairly.”

“We though that doing this experience would be cool because we can experience how the students felt in the story.”

“In the story working in the Collaborative Classroom and the experiences that they had taught them many valuable lessons.”

“This experience will affect us in a good way most likely, because people will be more kind to each other after seeing what these people are going through. Also this is so cool that we are lucky enough to get to do this.”

Written by Bianca Weber, Abigail Hertzog, Jeet Patel and Josh Patrushev.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 16 December 2014 07:29)

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