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Es waar en Buh as mit uff en Trip geh hot welle un der Daett hot gsaat er kann geh, awwer er soll net der ganz Daag froge, “Sin mir ball datt? - Es nemmt der ganz Daag un es mecht dunkel warre bis mir datt sin!” Wo es Owed warre is, hot der Buh gsaat, “Is es ball dunkel?” Seller Weg hot er net gfrogt, “Sin mir ball datt?”



There was a boy who wishes to go on a trip. Daddy said he may go along, but he may not ask all day long, “Are we about there? It could take all day and it may be dark before we are there!” As evening came on, the boy said, “Dad!” “Well,” Dad says, “What is it?” The boy says, “Is it about dark?” This way he asked his question in different words and did not ask, “Are we about there?”


Shortly after Grundsau Daag we received a very welcome letter postmarked in Lengeschder but delivered to a rural mail carrier in northern Lancaster County. The writer, an old friend, reports he heard the story from a bus driver on a bus trip to Kentucky. This bus driver likes to keep his passengers entertained with anecdotes and gave a Dutch version of the English original.

We are not permitted to identify the gentleman who wrote us this letter; however, we are free to report that this Lancaster County gentleman has very deep connections with Kentucky.

So, for the time being we wave our Deitschi Schtrohhiet way south over Kentucky!


February 22, 2017

Yuscht en Bischli-Gnippli,

As des Deitsch Singes

iwweraus gleicht

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Wed, Feb 22, 2017 - 5:00 pm