Ephrata High School


Olivia Mountz


Benevolent, optimistic, and outgoing are words that describe Ephrata High School senior Olivia Mountz.

Olivia has participated in cheerleading throughout her four years at EHS, as well as being a competitive all-star cheerleader at a nearby gym for the past two and a half years. Olivia shows leadership qualities that transcribe to her work as a senior officer for the Mini-Thon club and a proud member of the National Art Honor Society (NAHS). She also earned a spot on the Homecoming Court at Ephrata High School.

“Olivia is a hard worker, organized, and is an amazing leader. Her compassion for others is her most special quality,” says EHS Mini Thon leader Victoria Socie.

Becoming a pediatric nurse has been on Olivia’s mind since she was fifteen when her stepmother encouraged her to take a CNA course. Upon completing the course Olivia realized that she wanted to switch her dream of becoming a teacher to a nurse with dreams of possibly opening her own practice.

When Olivia is not attending school, she enjoys practicing her cheer skills and tumbling skills as well as writing. She also values quality time with her best friends Michael and Hannah as well as her family.

“Olivia projects positivity. She understands that without hard work, there isn’t much growth. This is true in both writing and in life,” says language arts teacher Gemma Rasmus.

In 2012, Olivia and her family faced a devastating hardship when Olivia’s grandmother noticed changes in her health, which would lead the necessity of a lung transplant.

When facing a devastating change, Olivia notes that her grandmother’s fear was the possibility of missing a moment of her grandchildren growing up and missing the sight of Olivia’s kindness.

“I have always felt that no matter what happens, things could be worse. I live my life with that attitude, I accept things that happen to me as God’s will,” says Olivia.

Written by: Anastazia Toro-Ayala


Olivia Schlinkman


Olivia Schlinkman is the epitome of a star student. She manages her rigorous academic schedule, school clubs, dance classes, and part time job with a level of composure and grace that most high school students can only imagine.

Schlinkman is the editor-in-chief of The Mountaineer, a member of National Honor Society, a member of Yearbook Club, and an officer of Spanish National Honor Society. She is a key component in making sure The Mountaineer is printed; the time and effort she devotes to the school newspaper is admirable.

“Editors like Olivia are a dream,” says newspaper co-adviser, Gemma Rasmus. “She is on top of everything, and it just seems to come innately.”

Another crucial part of her life is dance. She has been devoted to it for 13 years.

“Dancing has had a huge impact upon my life, and it’s truly helped me grow into a more passionate and outgoing person.” Olivia said.

When she is not dancing or working on homework, you can find Schlinkman working at Javatea’s Café in Ephrata.

After graduation, Schlinkman plans to attend a 4-year university where she will be able to combine her love for photography and entrepreneurship. Her top choice at this time is West Chester University.

Olivia is inspired greatly by Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani activist for women’s right to education. Schlinkman’s favorite quote by Yousafzai is “I raise my voice – not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard.” This quote is very apropos to Olivia’s personality. She consistently uses her voice to advocate for others and to profoundly inspire others to do the same.

Written by: Shiloh Keeler


Hopelynn Hauser


Senior Hopelynn Hauser is a highly accomplished student, although she would never admit that. She has been class president ever since the eighth grade. Hauser is a member of student council and interns with the school’s athletic trainer, Cindy Jenkins. She plans to become a professional level athletic trainer after graduation.

I could use these two hundred and fifty words to expatiate on her numerous academic achievements or her volunteer work, but I’d rather use it to communicate Hopelynn’s exceptional character. I asked a group of Ephrata High School students to tell me the first word that came to mind when they heard the name Hopelynn Hauser. The most common responses were beautiful, smiley, and genuine. In fact, throughout the entirety of high school I’ve never heard a student gossip or complain about Hopelynn, and I’ve never heard Hopelynn gossip or complain about another person.

When asked what she would change about the world if she were given the chance, she replied, “the amount of judgment in society.” She works diligently to create judgement free spaces in any capacity possible. As I write this I can’t help but mention this morning when walking to third period, Hopelynn walked by me and exclaimed, “Hi Beautiful!” This is just one of the simple ways in which Hauser spreads her infectious positivity. She is a light in any life that she encounters.

Hopelynn Hauser is one of the most radiant, lovely human beings I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing, and if you’ve met her, you’ll never forget her.

Written by: Shiloh Keeler


Brianne Landis


A motivated student, compassionate leader, and inspiring teenager, Ephrata High School Senior Brianne Landis truly stands out among the EHS student body.

Despite COVID-19 and the stresses that come with being a senior, Landis has been able to juggle her many interests with grace. At EHS, not only is she the Secretary for the Class of 2021, but she is also a three-year member of the cheer squad. She also has experience in student council and link crew.

This past March, Landis had a once in a lifetime opportunity when she joined the Army National Guard, engaging in a 10-week basic combat training in South Carolina. Landis got firsthand experience, learning what it takes to be a soldier and how to throw live grenades.

“It was definitely the biggest challenge I’ve ever had to overcome, but I can say it’s made me a better person and it’s set up a good future for myself,” Landis said.

All of this, Landis says, never could have been possible without the support of her family and friends. On the topic, she says, “I’m thankful for all of them and they make me who I am. I couldn’t have done half the things I’ve done at 17 without them.”

Thanks to the wide variety of course offerings at EHS, Landis has had many resources available to her that have helped her decide her future career decisions. Her favorite class, Human Body Systems, has helped her decide that she wants to go into the medical field.

After high school she plans to attend college to become a pediatric oncology nurse and continue serving as a national guard soldier. With her immense passion and dedication, Landis is sure to have an impact upon this world.

Written by: Olivia Schlinkman