Ephrata High School


Brianne Landis


A motivated student, compassionate leader, and inspiring teenager, Ephrata High School Senior Brianne Landis truly stands out among the EHS student body.

Despite COVID-19 and the stresses that come with being a senior, Landis has been able to juggle her many interests with grace. At EHS, not only is she the Secretary for the Class of 2021, but she is also a three-year member of the cheer squad. She also has experience in student council and link crew.

This past March, Landis had a once in a lifetime opportunity when she joined the Army National Guard, engaging in a 10-week basic combat training in South Carolina. Landis got firsthand experience, learning what it takes to be a soldier and how to throw live grenades.

“It was definitely the biggest challenge I’ve ever had to overcome, but I can say it’s made me a better person and it’s set up a good future for myself,” Landis said.

All of this, Landis says, never could have been possible without the support of her family and friends. On the topic, she says, “I’m thankful for all of them and they make me who I am. I couldn’t have done half the things I’ve done at 17 without them.”

Thanks to the wide variety of course offerings at EHS, Landis has had many resources available to her that have helped her decide her future career decisions. Her favorite class, Human Body Systems, has helped her decide that she wants to go into the medical field.

After high school she plans to attend college to become a pediatric oncology nurse and continue serving as a national guard soldier. With her immense passion and dedication, Landis is sure to have an impact upon this world.

Written by: Olivia Schlinkman