Ephrata High School


Katelyn Sauder


Katelyn Sauder is a senior at Ephrata High School. Sauder is the vice-president of the Cloister Chapter of the FFA and involved in many other agricultural organizations.

Some of her more recent accomplishments within the Future Farmers of America are winning first place in the county and second overall in a group of 140 competitors in the horse evaluation CDE (career development events), as well as receiving her Keystone Degree in early January. Along with FFA, Katelyn is a member of 4-H and KPETS (Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services.) In fact, Katelyn feels her greatest accomplishment to date is winning grand champion in a large class at the Pennsylvania 4-H State Horse Show in miniature horse driving.

Sauder plans on pursuing agriculture in the future, hoping to study either veterinary medicine or Equine Science at Pennsylvania State University or Delaware Valley University. Currently, her favorite class is Supervised Agricultural Experience(SAE). “It is a great way to track the amount of work that you do through different agriculture opportunities,” explains Katelyn. Outside of agriculture Sauder is a member of the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society.

In her free time, she likes to hang out with her friends and family, work with her horses, hike, and enjoy the outdoors. When asked whom she admires, Sauder replies her parents, Brian and Lynette.

“They are always supporting me and making me feel loved. They are part of the reason I love Ag so much.”

Written by: Raina Foran


Loi Nguyen


Hard working, overachieving, and open minded are only a few words to describe senior Loi Nguyen.

Ever since he was young and in elementary school he has had a determined mindset to get the job done effectively and efficiently, which has stayed true to this day.

Nguyen involves himself in many different school activities. He is a part of the Robotics Club, Chess Club, and Quiz Bowl team and is also the Treasurer for Ephrata’s National Honors Society.

He may even be a familiar face to some in the community for you can find him working at the Ephrata Dairy Queen or maybe you have seen him on the basketball court. Nguyen plays for the boys’ basketball team and has been playing since he was in fourth grade.

Nguyen is not one to be seen slacking in school and you can always find him looking for some way to boost his grades. He’s not taking his senior year lightly as he hopes to remain in the top five students in the class.

After high school, he plans on attending Penn State University to major in pre-medicine. Not surprisingly, he credits his EHS science teachers for instilling a love of science.

“I look up to Mrs. Chinchock for sparking my interest in biology and science.”

Outside of school he enjoys hanging out with friends, solving puzzles, and working on computer programming.

Nguyen holds one busy schedule upon himself, but never lets it get the best of him.

“Always plan ahead and never put something off for tomorrow that could be done today,” said Nguyen.

Written by: Reagan McCarty


Autum Clee


It’s hard to be more involved than Ephrata High School senior Autum Clee. She is a member of the marching band, Link Crew, yearbook, German National Honor Society, Leo Club, Ephrata AM, and is an editor for the school newspaper. She also plans on participating in track and field in the spring.

Even with all her extracurriculars, Clee’s favorite thing about school is learning in general. Her favorite classes are Creative Writing and Human Body Systems.

“Creative writing allows me to refine my writing style, and it helps me to get ideas down on paper,” she says. “I like the material in Human Body Systems, and I know it will help me in college.”

After graduating she is planning on attending college for biology, chemistry, or health sciences as she aspires to be a neurologist. Clee currently hasn’t made a decision between Muhlensburg College, Lebanon Valley College, or Mount Saint Mary’s University.

Clee enjoys spending the little free time she has with her friends and family… and reading. Some of her favorite hobbies include playing soccer, writing, and hiking.

Clee believes that her greatest accomplishment to date is being able to grow as a person. She is extremely proud of herself for coming out of her shell. A person whom she admires is her father because he is always encouraging her to be her best and is always there for her.

One of her most memorable quotes by him is, “Be as successful as you can be, and never worry about what other people say. You are strong and can get through anything.“

Written by: Raina Foran


Joseph Vidzicki


Senior Joseph Vidzicki’s favorite part of school is the opportunity to not only learn new things, but also to get a better perspective of his surroundings. He readily admits that the world is complex, but the knowledge gained from school helps him understand the world better.

“Knowledge can be used by many as a weapon, but I like to think of it as a shield,” he says.

Joe takes part in many extracurricular activities such as National Honor Society (NHS), German NHS, Jazz Band, and Marching Band. His leadership abilities have earned him section leader of saxophones in marching band as well as co-editor of the opinions page of Mountaineer, the school newspaper.

“Joe brings great insight and enthusiasm to the newspaper,” says Gemma Rasmus, co-adviser. “The quality of the paper is even better because of his writing.”

After graduating, Joe plans to attend Messiah College to study biochemistry in hopes of becoming a doctor. In his spare time, Joe enjoys keeping up with politics, reading, watching movies, and developing deeper meanings from books and movies.

One of the activities to which Joe attributes much of his success is Boy Scouts. He has served as an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Senior Patrol Leader, and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster for Troop 543 in Plowville, (Berks County) PA, as well as President of Venture Crew 38 in Ephrata.

During his time as senior patrol leader, he planned a 184.5-mile bike ride on the C&O Canal Towpath from Washington, DC to Cumberland, MD. He has recently achieved the rank of Eagle, the highest rank in scouting.

Joseph admires writer C.S Lewis, and finds that many of the author’s quotes and beliefs speak to him. The one that sums up Joseph is this:

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”

Written by: Jackson Conover


Cheyenne Amick


The passionate and diligent Cheyenne Amick is a star student among the Ephrata High School student body.

Cheyenne is an active member of Friends of Rachel Club (F.O.R.) which advocates for kindness among classmates in the school setting. She is a member of Ephrata’s Marching Band Color Guard Unit and Link Crew, as well as a longtime member of Mountaineer newspaper. Currently, she proudly holds the position of news co-editor.

Cheyenne is very passionate, especially about writing. She hopes to attend American University to major in journalism. Working on the school newspaper staff has given her considerable experience in the journalism field. She has also taken two writing classes during high school, and will take a journalism class this spring.

When Cheyenne isn’t found reading or participating in one of her extracurriculars, she enjoys volunteering, specifically with Phoenix Assistance Dogs. Established in 2009, the organization works to raise and train service dogs that will eventually go out into the world to help people.

Many people have had a positive influence in Cheyenne’s life, especially her mother. She says that her mother has been through a lot in her life, and it is because of this that she always looks to her as a source of inspiration.

Another source of encouragement in her past four years of high school has been her teachers, including her American History teacher, Mrs. Wendolen Mellinger.

“She has helped me persevere through a lot of different things throughout my high school career,” Cheyenne said.

Written by: Olivia Schlinkman


Jackson Conover


Jovial Jackson Conover, a senior at Ephrata High School, bubbles over with school spirit in the school hallways and in the student section at sporting events.

Though that doesn’t come as a surprise when one finds out how involved he is. What Conover likes most during his days at Ephrata are the people. A class he enjoys is his Team/Individual Sports gym class which speaks to his competitive nature. He also is an active participant on the school baseball team, being seen fielding balls at the second-base position.

In addition, Conover is a Link Crew Leader, and is the student section leader for high school athletic events. As student section leader, Conover runs the Twitter account for the section, comes up with the themes for student attire, and leads the section in prideful chants.

Conover is also humbled about his greatest accomplishment.

“It [his greatest accomplishment] is being a part of the 2018 Ephrata Baseball Team,” he recollects with fondness.

The EHS team this past year brought home the Section League and District titles this past spring.

After graduation, Conover plans to put his skills and personality to good use by pursuing a career in business. He is unsure about where he will go to school, though.

“I feel as if I am good at talking and interacting with people,” he says.

Having self-confidence and possessing business acumen are attributes one will need in the field, so his confidence comes as no surprise.

And leaving his mark on the world will come as no surprise as well.

Written by: Cheyenne Amick


Brielle Brock


Brielle Brock is the epitome of a star student at Ephrata High School, with a long list of extra-curriculars under her belt paired with a strong work ethic that she applies to every aspect of her life.

When asked what her favorite part of EHS is, Brielle enthusiastically replies, “I really enjoy the interactions with not only my friends, but all the teachers as well.” She also has enjoyed a new hobby, guitar playing, that she discovered by taking Guitar I this current semester. Her favorite class, photography, also elicited a new interest that Brielle gets to share with her brother.

When asked whom she admires the most, Brielle points out her mom, whom she describes as, “…the most creative and confident woman in my life. The way she holds herself is truly inspiring.”

Brielle cherishes time spent with family and friends, so she loves to be surrounded by others. It is no surprise that she is involved in copious clubs at the high school, including Leo Club, newspaper club, yearbook club, and even being part of the leadership of the high school’s bible study.

When given the chance to have some down time, she loves to be outdoors bike riding, as well as serving others. Brielle is able to serve in the community by helping in the café and the nursery at her home church, Ephrata Community Church.

Despite not playing volleyball her senior year, Brielle mentions having enjoyed being on the volleyball team throughout her underclassmen years and making the All-Star team her junior year, the latter being one of Brielle’s proudest accomplishments to recall. A more recent accomplishment of Brielle’s is being accepted into Bloomsburg University, where she plans to double major in criminal justice and sociology.

“With Brielle’s positive outlook and her joyful nature, she will be an asset in whatever career path she chooses,” says English teacher Gemma Rasmus.

Written by: Olivia Schmid


Chandler Eby


Charismatic Chandler Eby is a senior at Ephrata High School and is, by far, a man with many hats.

Eby is very involved with extracurricular activities during the school year. He is a member of the Quiz Bowl team and also participates in the Robotics Club, Student Council, and holds the title of Student Representative within the Ephrata Area School District School Board. Once it starts up, he will also be participating in Investment Club, a club that will be advised by economics teacher Larry Hagen.

There are many things to change about the world. How does one narrow it down to just one topic? With ignorance being a common theme in the world around us, it is no surprise that if Eby could change something, that is what he would change.

“I would change mindsets. I would strive to make people a lot more open-minded and tolerant to other opinions,” he says.

So, what is the next step for Chandler Eby?

As a prospective political science major, Eby is looking at prestigious colleges such as American University or Georgetown in Washington, D.C., hoping to become involved in politics in some way. This comes as no surprise since one of his academic highlights is taking Advanced Placement American History with Wendy Mellinger during his junior year.

From Quiz Bowl to maybe a seat in the world of politics, Chandler Eby is truly a man with many hats.

Written by: Cheyenne Amick