Ephrata High School


Laura Battle


Outgoing, studious, and charitable.  Senior Laura Battle always has her mind on how she can help better the people and organizations around her.

A part of student council and Mini-Thon, Battle’s favorite part of school is the extra-curriculars she’s involved in. She even cites being selected to be on the executive board of Mini-Thon as her proudest achievement in her life thus far.

Her favorite class so far in high school has been Honors Human Body Systems. She has become fascinated with the medical field and all that it has to offer.

“It has a lot of hands-on learning with labs,” Battle said. “I love learning about the medical field.”

Battle hopes to continue in the medical field after high school. Her goal is to attend college and become an ultrasound technician.

In her spare time, Battle loves to spend time with her friends, read, or make art. Her preferred methods of making art are painting and drawing. She also recently started attending Reamstown Church of God after a friend recommended it.

If there’s one thing that Battle would change in the world, it would be to stop the divisiveness in the world.  While she has several role models, she considers her aunt Louise to be  the person she looks up to the most. 

“She’s very hardworking and independent and I look up to her a lot as a woman,” Battle said.

With a hard-working attitude and a deep-rooted interest in helping people, Laura Battle is on a trajectory to certain success and benevolence.

Written by: Robby Grill


Leah Kreider


Determined, involved, and always growing. These are just three words used to describe senior Leah Kreider. During her time at EHS Leah has been involved in many extracurricular activities including National Honor Society, Link Crew, Spanish National Honor Society, and newspaper where she is editor-in-chief.

“I joined clubs to meet new people and build my resume,” Leah states, “but once I joined them, I really enjoyed them and now I have gained new skills and confidence.” 

  After high school, Leah hopes to put those new skills to use while attending college for a career in the medical field.

“I have enjoyed all of my classes involving math and science,  and I have a passion for helping people,” Leah says about her future career choice.

Aside from her schoolwork and extracurricular activities, Leah enjoys participating in a bowling league on Saturday mornings at Dutch Lanes.  Baking (specifically chocolate chip cookies) and reading are also hobbies when she has some free time.

 Leah asserts that she will miss her high school days but that she will mostly miss the memories she has made with people. “I will definitely miss all the people I have gotten to know from my class and other grades,” Leah says.  “We’re all going our separate ways and I may never see some of them again.” 

Sad, nervous, and anxious are how Leah described her feelings about moving on from Ephrata High School, but she notes that she is excited and well prepared for what the future brings.

Written by: Abigail Goodman


Kamryn Andes


From being in student council every year of high school to being in three different honor societies, senior Kamryn Andes continues to exceed expectations throughout her high school career.

Andes is an outstanding student all around but specializes in sciences. Her favorite class has been AP Biology with Marion Brenner. 

“Mrs. Brenner gave me an enjoyable challenge where I was able to learn so much. I also loved the class because of the queen, Mrs. Brenner, who kept everything organized, was so encouraging, and always kept things real,” said Andes.

Outside of school when Andes is not working at Pet Supplies Plus she loves spending time with friends, family, and her dogs. 

Even with her busy life Andes still finds some time to participate in student council where she is vice-president and participate in her clubs like Link Crew, Leo Club, Bible study, and the Mounts Buddy Program.

One person whom Andes admires is former gifted instructor, Cherlynn Myers, who retired last January.

“She is such a kind, gentle spirit, and she always has the desire to learn something new,” Andes said.

After graduation Andes would like to go to college and major in pre-veterinary medicine. She also would like to attend a graduate school and become a veterinarian.

Andes credits her greatest accomplishment to date with winning 1st place in the animal science category for the science fair last year. Her project was titled “The Effect of Male versus Female Dog Urine on Grass Growth.”

“Cherish every moment because the “firsts” will become the “lasts” a lot faster than you think,” Andes said.

Written by: Kylee Mull


Destiny Yang


From participating in student council to teaching at Sunday school, senior Destiny Yang has been going above and beyond throughout her entire high school career.

Yang is the definitive all-around student, but she specializes in mathematics. Her favorite class throughout her high school career so far was Algebra II with Geri Bauer.

“I loved that class and was so excited to learn every single day because of the environment she created,” said Yang.

She also keeps busy outside of school doing things such as calligraphy, bullet journaling, playing volleyball at church or simply by going fishing. Yang also plays many instruments like violin, ukulele, piano, and guitar.

Even though she is busy outside of school, Yang still finds time to participate in student council, student athletic training, basketball managing, and GEARS.

Since her schedule is so packed, Yang makes sure to spend whatever free time she does have with her family.  She admires her parents more than any other individuals.

“They’re hardworking, their love is unconditional, and their support is unreal. Without them, I wouldn’t have the life I have right now. They’ve sacrificed a lot to get where they are at right now.  I’m beyond lucky,” she says.

After high school Yang would like to attend Messiah University and plans to major in math since she loves working on her math skills.

“It gets my brain thinking and going. It expands my learning and how I can apply the knowledge to other things,” said Yang.

Written by: Kylee Mull


Ashton Kunkle


Quiet. Persistent. Thorough.  Not easily frustrated. These are words that technology education teacher Rodney Myers easily uses to describe senior Ashton Kunkle. “It’s his willingness to repeat and to stick to it until he gets it right that sets him apart.”

Throughout his years at Ephrata High School, Ashton has been the recipient of multiple robotics awards, winner of the Mountaineer Recognition Award, maintained a 3.89 GPA, and held part time job at Sharp Shopper.

 Myers has been one of Ashton’s role models since freshman year. They have had several classes together, including Project Lead the Way computer and engineering-based course work.

During his time in Robotics Club, Ashton has won several awards at competitions run by VEX, in addition to receiving separate awards from the school board. He was a part of the first freshman team to ever qualify for the robotics tournament. 

However, he doesn’t spend computer time solely on robotics. Ashton puts together songs on his home laptop and enjoys creating electronic music. He even runs his own Youtube channel called Avinix.

Clearly, Ashton is a goal-oriented person who admits that he would love to work for Elon Musk and Tesla because “his brand is incredibly impressive with all the lives he has impacted.”

It is no surprise that Ashton finds motivation in being positive and creating good goals in life. Recently he has become really passionate about school.

“It’s become a priority for me. I mean, why not do well in school?”

Written by: Eleonora Scutaru


Tyler Hepler


Tyler Hepler is a senior at Ephrata High School, but he is also a full-time student at Mount Joy’s Career and Technology Center (CTC). There he studies precision machining and computer aided manufacturing, which he enjoys because of its practicality. 

“I like it because it’s simple. If I have an idea, I can just do it,” says Tyler. 

In previous years, before he joined his current CTC program, he played the cello in the high school orchestra. Due to his CTC schedule, he was unable to participate in orchestra this year, but he still very much appreciates the instrument.

“My favorite thing to do is learn. Learn as much as I can, especially culturally,” Tyler says. 

Not surprisingly,  he had been a part of the German program at Ephrata. He first became involved when he was a freshman and was easily captivated during class. He loved learning a different language. Though unable to continue his cultural education in school, he says it is his favorite pastime. With the use of apps and the internet, Tyler is still feeding his love of cultural education.

“I would want people to have more of a willingness to learn new things,” Tyler responded when asked what he would change in the world if he had the opportunity to do so. This is certainly an unusual response from a teenager, but it expresses his eagerness to learn as well as the high value he places on learning.

After Tyler finishes high school and CTC, he would like to further his education in machining at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology.

Written by: Olivia Good


Alyssa Weaver


Motivated, amicable, and hard-working, Ephrata High School senior Alyssa Weaver has a bright future ahead of her.

Weaver has a busy year approaching as she is involved in many in-school activities. Not only is she the president of student council, but Weaver is also a member of National Honor Society (NHS), the Spanish and science NHS, bible study, Leo club, Friends of Rachel, book club, and Link Crew.

With all of these activities on her plate, it’s no surprise that Weaver’s favorite part of school is the extra-curriculars and clubs she’s involved in. She enjoys meeting and talking to new people, getting them involved in the school.

Her favorite class during her time in the high school was government, taught by Mr. Chris Helock. She enjoyed staying up to date on current events and learning more about the world around her.

“It’s going to help me become a better citizen and stay better informed when I’m able to vote,” Weaver added.

Outside of school, Weaver has a job as a server in the Luther Acres Retirement Community in Lititz. She loves being able to interact with the residents there.

After high school, Weaver plans on attending a private school in Pennsylvania where she will major in communications. She then plans to go on and work in public relations.

A big inspiration for Weaver is her parents.

“They’re like my role models,” she says. “They’ve always shown me how to be a good person and have good morals.”

When she’s not at work or school, you can find Weaver either out thrifting for a new outfit or cozying up with a good book while camping.

With such a bright personality and diligent work ethic, Alyssa Weaver is headed straight for success.

Written by: Leah Kreider


James Ellis


Many people know senior James Ellis as “the guy in a football uniform who plays with the band.” And while that is an interesting description, there is much more to his character than that.

While James is eager to graduate, he has many peers and extracurriculars that he is holding onto for his last year of high school. In the fall, James plays on the football team as number 55, and is seen on the marching band field with a trumpet. When the season changes, his home is in the ring, wrestling an opponent to the ground. He does so well that he even qualified for the national high school wrestling tournament in 2021.

You will also see him on the trumpet with the Ephrata High School Jazz Band. If you think that is a lot, then you have yet to hear of James’s academic accomplishments. He is a proud member of the National Honor Society, National Science Honor Society, Tri-M Honor Society and German National Honor Society. He enjoys studying economics with Mr. Hagen, and he describes the class as “a fun type of psychology, but with money.”

After high school, James would like to attend college to study either chemical engineering or physics. If he were to do one thing to help the world, he states “I would get everyone to stop talking for a minute and listen.”

Keep an eye out for number 55 on the football field and for the name James Ellis because he sure has one bright future.

Written by: Mattie Walker