Ephrata Mennonite School


Ethan Sauder


Ethan Sauder really enjoys the social aspect in life that he gets to socialize with others at school. One of his extra curricular activities was soccer which their season actually went really well for the soccer team and they ended their season with the solid rock tournament that they went undefeated in. They actually went 10-0 in their season which is a great accomplishment and won’t be forgotten about for a long time. 

One thing he is going to do when he graduates high school is work and make money. He isn’t really planning on going to college but you never know what is going to happen in life. He also really enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends in his spare time.

He is also really into photography and making items out of leather. One thing he would change about the world is the gas prices which were extremely high and are getting better now. Someone he admires is his two grandpas and how they give out great advice for him to take with him in life. One of his accomplishments in life so far is actually hiking up a mountain in Alaska last summer which was a four hour round trip.

Written by: Mateo Martin


Chloe Zimmerman

8th Grade

Chloe Zimmerman is in 8th grade at Ephrata Mennonite School. She enjoys playing sports and socializing with her friends at school. She enjoys extracurricular activities such as playing on the girl’s volleyball team, which actually did really well this year. She also plays basketball, which isn’t her first option, but hey, who doesn’t like playing sports for the fun of it. 

One thing she would like to do after high school is attend EBI where her uncle works. While she is in high school she is going to have spare time just like anyone else. One of her favorite things she does in her spare time is being outdoors. When she can’t be outside she likes to read or play the piano. 

On Sundays she attends Cornerstone Mennonite Fellowship with her family. One thing she would like to change in the world is the amount of people that have not heard the word of God. 

One thing she has enjoyed in life is traveling to Alaska and the beautiful outwest with her family. One of her favorite classes in school is ELA, because she loves her teacher. Chloe admires her mom because of everything she does for their family.

Written by: Mateo Martin


Kaleb Zimmerman

9th Grade

Kaleb Zimmerman is a freshman at EMS. He likes the social aspect of school. He is on the JV team and plays as a forward. 

He enjoys flex time, which is at the end of the day, because of the relaxed environment. 

After he graduates school, he has some goals and aspirations for his life. He would like to work, and he also likes programming apps, and eventually would like to make money that way. 

He has several hobbies, including riding quads and he would like to get a dirtbike. 

He attends Lincoln Mennonite Church in the upper part of Ephrata. 

If he could change one thing in the world, he would get rid of violence and have world peace. 

When he  was younger, he wrecked his pit bike and it landed on top of him. He hit a big bump and hit his face, but with a few scratches, he made it out alive. 

Kaleb is inspired by NBA players because of their work ethic and how they strive to better themselves to achieve their goals.

Written by: Mateo Martin


Brodrick Smucker

10th Grade

Brodrick Smucker is a sophomore at Ephrata Mennonite School, he has been going to EMS since ninth grade. A couple of his favorite things about school are the sports and friends, but definitely not the homework. He participates in some extracurricular activities, including basketball and potentially volleyball in April. Moving on to the after school life, he is hoping to work for his dad at Smucker Propane. His favorite after school activities are playing basketball, watching youtube, and of course sleeping. He attends New Covenant Church which he thoroughly enjoys. One of his favorite hobbies that he likes to do is hunting, especially archery in the fall. One way Brodrick would change the world is by changing the people that are selfish and live for themselves and not others. One of his biggest accomplishments in life is buying a dog that he can take care of and make some money off of. His favorite class in school is consumer math. Why? Because of the people in the class, it’s more of an easier math for people to learn. One of the people he admires is Mateo Martin, who is actually in eleventh grade this year at Ephrata Mennonite School.

Written by: Mateo Martin


Jayce Martin

11th Grade

Jayce Martin is a Junior at Ephrata Mennontie school. He has been going to Ephrata Mennonite since he was in kindergarten. One thing Jayce really likes about school is the social interaction he gets everyday because he is an extrovert. His extracurricular activities include playing on the basketball team and singing on the school’s Ministry Arts Team. He enjoys it because he likes playing on the basketball team because it’s competitive while also improving his skill and teamwork. The reason he sings  on the school’s Ministry Arts Team is because Jayce enjoys singing and being able to hangout with his school friends while singing.

On the flipside of school life, he has an avid love for sports and follows teams such as the Philadelphia Phillies and Philadelphia Eagles. On the weekends, Jayce normally hangs out with friends, enjoys hanging out with his youth group and goes to church. When Jayce gets older, he might have an interest in doing missions to spread God’s word, however he is undecided at this point because he is not sure what God has planned for his life. His word to all would be to seek God’s will in your life.

Written by: Thomas Martin


Lane Stoltzfus

11th Grade

Lane is a Junior at Ephrata Mennonite School and has attended there since Kindergarten. His laid back personality allows him to make friends easily. 

Lane is currently taking chemistry and statistics to name a few. He is also involved in multiple extracurricular activities, such as soccer and basketball. He plays goalie in soccer and center in basketball. 

Aside from sports, he sings in the Ministry Arts Team and is also president of StuCo, and carries quite a few responsibilities along with that title.

When Lane was nine years old, his family opened their house and adopted twins from Haiti that were only eight years old. 

He currently attends Cornerstone Mennonite Fellowship. He enjoys hanging out with his youth group and school friends on the weekend. He is currently working for his uncle at Legacy Door Company. Lane said he would definitely consider working for him after high school. 

He’s not really about that frat boy lifestyle. On Sunday afternoons, you can find Lane along with his favorite bag of cheddar Sunchips, cheering on the Eagles.

Written by: Thomas Martin