Ephrata Mennonite School


Candace Fox


Candace Fox is a Sophomore at Ephrata Mennonite School. She is a very nice and fantastic girl, as well as very energetic. If you can’t find her, she’s probably on the volleyball court, because volleyball is one of her favorite hobbies. She’s been on Varsity since Freshman year. Her mom, Cindy Fox, is actually the coach of the EMS Legends Girls Volleyball Team. Not only that, but Candace also loves to sit down with some coffee and a good book beside the fireplace and just chill. She enjoys her quiet time, since she had an adventurous childhood. When she was only three years old, she, her parents, and her younger sister moved to Bangladesh and lived there for three years. She described it as a culture shock even though she was so little. She also mentioned that coming back was almost even more of a shock. One of her biggest memories from her time there was when they would visit the slums and she describes it as “sad and heartbreaking.” Now Candace lives with her parents and her 4 other siblings. Candace is an encouragement to those around her and truly has a heart of gold.

Written by: Danisha Wenger


Dustin Martin


Dustin Shane Martin is a senior at Ephrata Mennonite School. In the short time that I have known Dustin, it has become clear to me that he is a man of good character. 

Anyone who knows Dustin would tell you that he is talented in many different ways. One of them being basketball. Dustin has earned a spot on the school varsity basketball team as a starter and has proven to be a very good player. On the court, Dustin is constantly giving it his all. 

Dustin also enjoys music and sings bass for the school Ministry Arts Team. He is a good piano player, and can also keep a steady rhythm on the box drum.

Dustin has proven to be a studious young man who excels in school. This year, Dustin is studying English, Physics, and more. 

Dustin also takes pleasure in hunting and spending time in the great outdoors. Dustin spends some of his nights working for his uncle’s flooring company. 

Although Dustin does not know exactly what he wants to do for his career, it is clear that he has a bright future ahead of him.

Written by: Benjamin Schwartz


Corina Zimmerman


This month’s Student Spotlight section features a senior, Corina Zimmerman. One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Corina is her motivation. Whether this be displayed on the volleyball court or in the classroom. Her drive for academic achievement as well as her competitive nature have led her to maintain a high GPA and a position on the varsity volleyball team since freshman year. 

Corina has participated in a number of athletics in her lifetime. Some of which include volleyball, basketball, soccer, and in her younger years, gymnastics. As previously mentioned she participates in volleyball currently. She started out playing as a hitter as a lower classmen, and has now rightfully earned her spot as a libero for Ephrata Mennonite School girls volleyball team. 

Corina is also involved in a ministry called Tuesday Church. In short, she helps to prepare Bible study lessons or snacks every Tuesday for a group of girls from Lancaster City. She and five other teachers help to mentor and be an example to their group of girls. This is just one of the several groups that meet who are Tuesday Church. Before Covid, everyone met together in a church, but due to the conditions, things have changed. The ministry is currently following the example of the early churches and meeting in homes, more commonly known as house churches.

Written by: Katelyn Newswanger


Jesse Ginder


Jesse Ginder, a senior at Ephrata Mennonite School, my classmate and friend, is a young man of many hobbies and talents. On an early fall morning you can find Jesse out in the woods, waiting for an unsuspecting deer to stride by. An avid and successful hunter, Jesse has become pretty good with a bow and arrow. During the day you’ll find Jesse at Ephrata Mennonite School studying Backyard Ag, English, and other subjects. This year the EMS senior class may have the opportunity to travel to Columbia for a work and senior trip, something Jesse is really looking forward to. Jesse loves to travel and wants to do more traveling as he gets older. One location Jesse would love to visit is the beautiful city Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. In the evenings and weekends you’ll find Jesse hanging out with friends and playing volleyball, a sport he enjoys and is skilled at. He’s even interested in playing league volleyball after he graduates. While Jesse doesn’t know entirely what he’s going to do after school he’s ready and looking forward to whatever job comes his way. While one article can’t sum up all of Jesse, I hope this article showed Jesse Ginder is a talented young man who is also a good classmate and friend.

Written by: Jackson Good