Ephrata Mennonite School


Keri Weaver


If you hear a contagious laugh floating through the halls of Ephrata Mennonite School, there are a few people that it could belong to. But chances are it is sixteen year old Keri Weaver. Keri is the oldest of four kids, having one brother and two sisters. With her family she attends Living Water Mennonite Fellowship, where Keri is actively involved in her youth group. Some of her hobbies include reading, running, baking, interacting with animals especially horses, and hanging out with friends. A pet peeve of hers is when people run their fingernails down chalkboards just to annoy others and when people’s outfits don’t coordinate. Keri is a very adventurous person, and one of the most exciting and terrifying moments of her life happened when she was riding four wheeler with friends. They decided to hook up the winch of the four wheeler to a tree and managed to drive it up the hill in two wheel drive. It was definitely a learning experience!

Following graduation next year, Keri is looking at pursuing a career as a vet tech. If money was not an issue, Keri would like to open an orphanage, giving a home for children who are less fortunate and sharing the love of Jesus in that way. Going along with that, if there was one thing that Keri could change about society today it would be that abortions would come to an end. Keri says that her greatest accomplishment was committing her life to Christ. Overall Keri has a great personality and is a fun person to be around! As a school we are grateful for the life and energy she brings every day!

Written by: Hadassah Martin


Carson Burkholder

9th Grade

The sound of shoes squeaking, teammates yelling, and the crowd cheering can be heard all around the gym. Carson is looking for the perfect time to make a shot. “There it is!” he thinks to himself. “It’s wide open.” Carson drives to the net without hesitation, goes up for the shot, and scores! The crowd goes wild! Carson’s team is headed towards another win. As you may have already guessed, Carson Burkholder enjoys playing sports, especially basketball. He also enjoys playing baseball, football, and Frisbee. In his free time, you would probably find him outside shooting hoops or throwing football. Carson also enjoys building and putting things together in his free time.

Carson is 15 years old and is in 9th grade. He has three sisters with whom he thoroughly enjoys spending time…sometimes. Carson’s favorite part about school is gym class because “it gives me a break from school for a little while, and I like playing sports.” Carson also has an after-school job working on a farm milking cows, but after he is done with school, he hopes to get a job as an electrician. Carson looks forward to summer vacation because every summer his family takes a vacation to the beach. His favorite beach trip so far has been to the Outer Banks. Carson’s classmates enjoy his mischievous personality which makes class with him quite interesting!

Written by: Alexa Burkholder


Kyle Martin


Kyle Martin is an energetic 17 year old junior at Ephrata Mennonite School. He attends Parkview Mennonite Church, where he is actively involved in the youth group and enjoys playing on the Frisbee team. He is the youngest of a family of 5, with an older brother and sister. Some of his hobbies include hunting, fishing, sports, and basically any other outdoor activity. He works at Leid’s Old Wood where he performs a variety of tasks. After graduating high school, Kyle plans on working so he can travel and check some things off his bucket list. If money wasn’t an issue, he would like to go on a hunting trip to Alaska or take part in a three week road trip with his friends. Kyle is a very daring and adventurous person. One of his most thrilling experiences include coming within 15 yards of a wild moose in the north Maine woods, which he finds to be the coolest place on earth. Another adrenaline rush was when his brother ramped over him with his four-wheeler. Kyle’s favorite thing about school is being able to hang out with his friends on a regular basis and competing in basketball. His role model is Carson Wentz because he uses his platform to spread God’s Word even though in today’s society it can be hard to be famous and a Christian. If Kyle could ban one thing currently going on in the world, it would be abortion and the horrors that go along with it. As a school we are thankful for what Kyle brings and the influence he has.

Written by: Hadassah Martin


Tyrell Weaver

9th Grade

Tyrell Brant Weaver is a 9th grade student at Ephrata Mennonite School. Tyrell has three siblings of which he is the oldest. In his spare time, Tyrell enjoys eating. But aside from that, it is cool to note that for each season Tyrell has a different hobby. When the weather is nice in summer, he enjoys wakeboarding, boating, surfing, and swimming with his cousins. Pretty much any water sport provides a good time in his mind. In the winter he enjoys snowmobiling with his friends and the thrill of speed that is involved. During the fall Tyrell takes up hunting, and in 2017, he shot a ten-point buck. In the last season, spring, he enjoys riding four-wheeler, which is a sport that basically runs year round.

As many of these are hobbies that Tyrell enjoys outside of school, inside of school he enjoys gym class and the time allotted for active, competitive sports. He also enjoys the social part of school and the great friends he has made at EMS. Tyrell is a very funny, chill guy to be around and could easily educate you about any part of a car. He is a great part of the Ephrata Mennonite School community.

Written by: Kya Snyder


Dawn Cassel


If you were to ask Dawn what her favorite part about school is, she would probably say, “I just want to graduate!” She is very excited to graduate, but besides that she enjoys the service learning program at EMS where she can help elementary teachers by grading papers and tutoring students. She likes being able to interact with the younger kids and help the teachers out while doing that.

Dawn Cassel is 18 years old and comes from a family of seven. She has three brothers and one sister and is the middle child. Outside of school Dawn enjoys reading. Her favorite books to read are inspirational fiction, and her favorite authors are Janette Oke and Robin Jones Gunn. She also enjoys hand stitching and spending time with family. Her family takes trips to the cabin that she really enjoys.

Dawn is currently working at Martin’s Quality Eggs and plans to continue working there after she graduates. If Dawn could travel anywhere in the world, she would travel to Europe. She doesn’t have a specific place or country she wants to visit. She would love to travel around all of Europe because of its breathtaking scenery. As Dawn graduates this year, she will be remembered by her sarcastic yet caring personality that has helped make class and life at school interesting.

Written by: Alexa Burkholder


Tirza Martin

8th Grade

Tirza Brie Martin is a 13 year old 8th grader from Ephrata Mennonite School. This is her first year attending EMS, and she is thrilled to be here in a different environment than what she is used to. Out of the classes in her first semester schedule, she enjoys math the most, as it is a fun class and it comes fairly easily for her. Though that is part of Tirza’s school life, at home she enjoys chilling and watching a movie, but she also loves playing with her pets: two kittens named Marbles and Granite. She loves animals and someday hopes to own a horse and live on a ranch out west. Tirza has two brothers and two sisters, three of which are married. She is the youngest in her family and the youngest cousin on her mom’s side of the family. When she was younger, she thoroughly enjoyed the random games, which were created by the cousins, involving all of the cousins and Ripsticks. Tirza attends and is a member at Lititz Dunkard Brethren Church. Since I am related to Tirza, I have the honor of knowing her funny, energetic, and enjoyable personality. We are all very excited to have Tirza attending EMS with us and love all of the joy she brings to our school.

Written by: Kya Snyder


Mariah Brubaker


Have you ever met someone and you wonder how on earth you haven’t known them longer? You’re likely to feel that way after meeting Mariah Brubaker. She is a friendly, insightful freshman at Ephrata Mennonite School who has been attending for a few years now. Previously, she attended Bethel Dunkard Brethren School. She has one sister and attends On Fire Youth Ministry with her family. Her favorite part about school is gym class since she is a very active person. Mariah spends some of her spare time working at Pure Test Laboratory as a lab technician, where she analyzes drinking water to make sure it is safe to drink. Some of her hobbies include being outside and flying with her dad in an experimental aircraft. Her family travels a lot, and they have been in six countries other than the United States.  As a family they love to travel and learn about other cultures. One place she hasn’t been yet and would love to visit is Ireland. If Mariah could have the world listening to her give a message for about ten minutes, she would spend that time telling them about how much Jesus loves them and how He gave His life for them. She is passionate about seeing others come to Christ and thinks it would be so cool if everybody knew about Jesus and the life He gives. All in all, Mariah is a great person to get to know, and EMS definitely benefits from the positive personality she brings.

Written by: Hadassah Martin


Jenna Stauffer


If Jenna Stauffer was a cat, she would be described as white and fluffy, very cuddleable with an unprecedented personality. As the first sentence implies, she is in love with cats and has an infatuation with all small furry creatures. In order to fully fathom Jenna’s personality, one has to recognize her obsession with the TV show, The Office. In light of her fascination with The Office, her most admired celebrity is Chris Pratt. Jenna’s dream job includes “producing a newspaper/magazine among my helpful, brilliant colleagues surrounded by cats and dogs.” Unsurprisingly, Jenna excels at spelling and grammar, considering her dream job. She also has an ear for music and a voice comparable to an angel. She may appear laid back at first glance, but upon further scrutiny one will discover she is far from it. One of her most recognizable traits is her eccentric humor which can be described as sarcastically pessimistic. Jenna has many unique quirks and being in her company remains unpredictable and amusing. Most importantly, she has a genuine zeal for the Lord that is recognizable in her actions and interactions with people. She is intensely loyal to her friends. Befriending Jenna will be well worth it and will earn you a lifelong friend. She is not ashamed of who she is and embraces the strong and fierce woman she has become.

Written by: Jordanna Musser