Ephrata Mennonite School


Averi Weaver


If feisty were a person, it would be Averi. Averi Weaver is one of the craziest, most studious, and determined people out there. A fun fact about Averi is that she is a twin. Her twin sister is Nandri Weaver. However, Averi is the oldest and of course will not let Nandri forget it.

Averi is a senior at Ephrata Mennonite School and is looking forward to graduating in the spring. She does quite well in school considering she has all A’s! Bible and Literature are her favorite classes due to the fact that it involves discussion. “We learn a lot of life lessons,” she claims.

The best part of school for her is the social aspect, which she fulfills quite well. Outside of school, she has taken on the great sports of volleyball and basketball.

Once graduated from Ephrata, Averi has the goal of being a missionary in India. However, due to current circumstances, the possibility is still up in the air.

On Sundays, Averi can be found attending her home congregation, Meckville Mennonite Church.

When posed the question, “If you were to change something in the world today, what would it be?” She answered, “I would decrease the number of orphans in the world.”

Two people she admires most in her life are her parents. She gives her reasoning with this statement: “They taught me many life lessons, and they help me in hard times.”

Averi Weaver is tremendously appreciated around EMS. Her excellent attitude for hard work has set her up to become a lifelong learner. Keep up the good work Averi!

Written by: Kassidy Zimmerman


Taryn Mellinger


Taryn Mellinger is a high school senior at Ephrata Mennonite School who graces the place with her sweet smile and hardworking spirit. Taryn enjoys the academic learning aspect of school as well as getting to spend time with and learn more about the different people she is able to interact with. After graduating, Taryn is considering attending college, but is yet undecided about what she would like to do. In her spare time, Taryn enjoys reading, spending time with her youth group, and trying new things even though they may scare her and push her out of her comfort zone. Her favorite class is her British Literature dual enrollment class that she is taking through Harrisburg Area Community College. Taryn also takes part in some leadership positions in her school, including being editor of the Student Newspaper and leading out in the soprano section of the high school choir. In addition to her school involvement, Taryn also belongs to a few organizations outside of school. Taryn has been a part of Born to Be Different productions for a number of years. She also attends Cornerstone Bible Church. Taryn is a very smart, caring, and godly woman who is an inspiration to be around. Her presence adds light to Ephrata Mennonite School.

Written by: Laura Patches


Ellie Weiler


I would like to introduce you to Ellie Weiler. She has some big plans for her life! Some of her favorite things to do are playing volleyball, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. After she graduates, Ellie wants to work on a ranch out in Kansas and then become an EMT to help other people.

She currently goes to Lititz Dunkard Brethren church, and in her spare time likes playing volleyball, hanging out with people from her youth group and occasionally playing guitar. She is currently looking forward to graduating high school. Her favorite subject for this semester is AP English Literature and Composition. What Ellie enjoys about it is the discussion part, and the different interpretations of the specific pieces of literature. She likes the wide variety and diversity of the stories and books her class gets to read and interpret. If Ellie could change one thing about the world, it would be to make people more aware of mental illnesses.

The person Ellie admires the most is her mentor, Tena Priest. Ellie specifically thinks highly of Tena’s compassion, her heart for other people, and how she shows Christ’s love in all that she does.

Written by: Micah Harnish


Jayce Martin


Although he may appear to be a reserved person at first, Jayce Martin, a freshman at Ephrata Mennonite School, has a boisterous personality and a go-getter attitude that are rapidly revealed. An Ephrata Mennonite student since kindergarten, Jayce enjoys the challenge of school and also the social interactions he has with his friends.

One of Jayce’s favorites classes is gym class because he can “play sports, be competitive, and have fun.” With a few more years to go before graduation, Jayce doesn’t know exactly what his post-high school plans include, but he has thought about going to college. At this point in life, school constitutes much of Jayce’s time, but when he has a chance, he enjoys playing sports, specifically basketball and football, and reading, particularly thriller books.

When asked what he would change about the world, Jayce noted several things, but one of the main changes he would implement would be making education readily available to all. With the ability to read and write, people are able to live a life that many people take for granted. Two people that Jayce admires are his older twin brothers who display perseverance in life in different ways, one in college and the other as a truck driver.

Written by: Lauren Martin