Ephrata Mennonite School


Shauna Stoltzfus


Shauna Stoltzfus, the daughter of Calvin and Geneva Stoltzfus, joined Ephrata Mennonite School in 8th grade. She is now a sophomore. Shauna’s favorite thing about school is volleyball, as she helps the Legends volleyball team. She is very passionate about sports and enjoys them. Shauna’s classes that she participates in are Geometry, English/Language Arts, Theater Arts, History, and PE (Physical Education). Out of the 5 classes she participates in her favorite is geometry. Outside of school she enjoys playing volleyball or hanging out with friends. 

Shauna’s plans after high school is to follow God’s will for her life. She wants to either devote herself to mission work of God’s choosing, or go to college for cosmetology and start a business in that line of work. Although at the moment, she works at the village cafe in Intercourse, PA. 

She really enjoys working there and loves to be with her co-workers. 

Shauna attends church at New Covenant Mennonite Fellowship. She really enjoys the friendships she has made there and the Youth Group that the church has. With these things, she is proud of the person she has become spiritually in the past year, rooting herself with Christian beliefs and surrounding herself with great friends, which she is blessed to have. Shauna will be traveling to Jamaica next year with her youth group, and another time with her family. Which are both supporting JRM, or Jamaica Relief Ministries. Her sister is helping in Jamaica, which is a blessing. Shauna hopes that God’s will will be fulfilled in her life, and trusts in him with everything. Shauna is a great friend to everyone and has a passion to be kind and helpful to others.

Written by: Brodrick Smucker


Mitchell Good


Mitchell Good is a senior here at Ephrata Mennonite School. This is his first year in the school and making the most of it by taking a lot of classes that interest him. He’s currently enrolled for the first semester in college and career, psychology, student newspaper, Bible, and he takes a couple days a week and leaves early for work-based learning.

He has 1 sibling here at Ephrata Mennonite, his younger sister Alaina who is in 4th grade. 

When he was asked who he looked up to in his community, he said Rick Rhodes, as a spiritual leader and motivational speaker. 

He plays basketball and soccer, and has in many previous years. He has been a starter on his basketball team for several years, including middle school, JV and Varsity. He is currently a striker on the Legends soccer team. 

He said that if he were to redo any school year, it would be his freshmen year because of a 9th grade guys camping trip. 

He also takes the time to appreciate the little things around him, and he enjoys reading and art. He attends New Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, and attends there on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for youth small group. He works for his dad at Good’s Glass Service, where he spends most of his time in the summer. 

He is looking forward to graduating this year, as he wants to take time to travel and experience different cultures.

Written by: David Liffey