Ephrata Mennonite School


Damian Hurst

7th Grade

Damian Hurst, a 7th grader at Ephrata Mennonite School, is a young man full of amazing interests and ambitions. When asked what he plans to do after graduation, he responded that he plans to obtain a college degree in “computers and technology.” One of his favorite pastimes is repairing technology, and although he loves to play street hockey, his ideal form of enjoyment is assisting people in solving their technology problems. Beyond the digital world, Damian also enjoys art, which happens to be his favorite subject, because, Damian quotes, “I get to use my imagination to create things that I didn’t think I could”. While he certainly is able to find ways to enjoy himself, he knows how to get a job done as well! When asked who he admires the most, Damian replied; “My brother Bradley because he is hardworking and diligent and I want to be just like him.” When coupled with his knowledge of technology, interest in helping others, and attraction to creating new things and ideas, this young man’s willingness to work hard and diligently is evidence of world-changing material. This begs the question, what will all of this energy be poured into? When asked what he would change in the world today, Damian responded; “Abortion, because so many innocent babies could live and make an impact on other people’s lives and the world.” Your quest is noble, Damian, and it will be exciting to see how you impact the world!

Written by: Timothy Burkholder


Derek Martin


Derek Martin, the son of Wendy and Kent Martin, is a senior at Ephrata Mennonite School. When I think of Derek, I think of a classmate who possesses leadership, humility, and kindness. Last year I had the privilege of going to Texas with Derek to help rebuild homes which were lost due to a hurricane; during this trip I was able to see his kindness and humility poured out onto the people we served.

Derek is involved in many extracurricular activities which has given him the opportunity to grow in the areas of responsibility and leadership. He is the vice president of our Student Council, whose aim is to represent and serve the student body, in which he assists the president and fills in for her in the case of an absence. He is also part of the audio/visual team which means he helps to set up audio and video equipment for events in and out of school. He participates in sports such as basketball and volleyball for the EMS Legends team. Outside of school Derek enjoys playing guitar, not only as a pastime, but also for a youth service held every Wednesday at Word of Truth Church where he attends regularly. He also values making time to be with his friends and enjoying their presence. After high school he plans to work for Riehl Builders constructing houses. When asked what he would change in the world, Derek responded by saying that his desire is to be a light, like Jesus, to others as there is so much evil and darkness in the world. By bringing people to Christ, his vision is that a lot of the world’s problems, caused by sin, can be solved. Throughout the years I have known Derek, his heart for Jesus has always shone brightly and has made him the man he is today.

Written by: Bradley Hurst