Garden Spot High School


Ashley Parry


Ashley Parry is a Junior at Garden Spot. Over her high school career, she has found that she favors the relationships she made with her friends and her teachers. She is a reputably skillful swimmer and attends youth group at New Holland Church of the Nazarene where she is a student leader. As a swimmer, she won high school leagues, which she claims as her greatest accomplishment so far. Additionally, she is a part of the National Honor Society (NHS) and a student leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) program. She also works at the YMCA. When asked what she does, she grinned and explained, “I help coach the little kids.” Not only does she coach the young swimmers, but also is a part-time lifeguard and water safety instructor. She hopes to attend Olivet Nazarene University, saying “I haven’t fully decided, but that’s my top.” She wants to study Chemistry, and though she is not certain of the career path she wants to take, she would like to become either a forensic chemist, toxicologist, or simply a chemist. Not surprisingly, her favorite class is Chemistry because she finds it to be intriguing. In her free time, Ashley enjoys watching television, working out, and socializing. Her hobbies include swimming, biking, and “Oh, sometimes I bake.” She wishes students would put down their phones because the amount of time they spend on them is “crazy.” She admires her mother, saying that she is the person she most wants to be like when she is older. Ashley explains that her Mom’s strength in her faith, her personality, and her ability to differentiate right from wrong are all qualities she wishes to obtain. “She kind of does everything perfect. She’s always there . . . and she’s a mom.”

Written by: Skylar Rizzo


Jack McCarty


Jack McCarty, a junior at Garden Spot High School, resides in New Holland with his parents, Toni and Tim McCarty, and his sister, Grace. Jack especially enjoys the extracurriculars and social events offered at Garden Spot. He deeply appreciates the school staff and their sacrifice given for student success. Jack also loves learning and looks forward to his favorite class: AP Art History with Mr. Christopher Epler because of its challenging nature. Jack stays busy with a plethora of extracurriculars, which include National Honor Society, Health Council, and Varsity Boys’ Volleyball. Additionally, Jack has served as Class President, Secretary of the Grassland FFA Chapter, and Senior Patrol Leader of Boy Scouts of America, Troop #48. Following high school, Jack plans to pursue a degree in Crisis Management and move onto law school to study criminal law. Using this education, he wants to serve our country’s government in some capacity. In Jack’s free time, he enjoys horseback riding, attending school sporting events, spending time with friends and working at Lyons and Hohl on the weekends. Jack’s proudest accomplishment, his Courtyard Project at the high school, turned the old courtyard into an outdoor learning center for his classmates. Following the completion of this project, he will receive the rank of Eagle Scout through the Boy Scouts of America. Jack says his project supervisor and FFA Advisor, Mrs. Katherine Ranck, is his biggest inspiration. He is grateful for the countless hours she has spent helping him with his project, applying for grants, and helping him to build his future. When asked what he would change about the world, Jack states that he wants more unity and feels that with more unity, the world would be a better place. We can expect great things from Jack McCarty in the near future!

Written by: Abigail O’Neill


Lauren Esh


Lauren Esh, a junior at Garden Spot High School, is one of four daughters to Kathy and Don Esh. Her roots are straight from Lancaster County.

Always on the go, Lauren currently spends some weekends as a barista for a local coffee shop. Dedicating herself to extracurriculars such as field hockey and lacrosse make her a well-rounded scholar-athlete. Playing field hockey for five years landed Lauren the well-deserved spot as one of three team captains this year.

More recently, Lauren has taken up lacrosse in her spare time. Before or after school she can be found serving with health council, student council, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Living her life through Christ, she attends church regularly, and she volunteers with teaching the youth as well.

Lauren is a model student at Garden Spot High School, making others’ lives better for knowing and interacting with her. She challenges herself with Advanced Placement and college level courses while earning a place on the distinguished honor roll. Her more adventurous side has taken her on many mission trips, both near and far.

Overall, through Lauren’s busy schedule she finds time to be loyal, trustworthy, and fun all while balancing life with the help of her life-giving faith. Lauren makes our school better through both her service and her caring presence.

Written by: Amanda Leeland


Abigail O’Neill


Abigail O’Neill, daughter of Tom and Carla O’Neill, is the middle child between older sister Alex, and younger brother Thomas Jr. She is a fun, adventurous, and outgoing seventeen-year-old who attends Garden Spot High School. At school, she enjoys spending time with her friends and participating in various school clubs including the National Honor Society and FFA, where she serves as Vice President. Currently, Abby’s favorite class is Advanced Composition and Speech with, “the writing wizard,” Mr. Weidman. She enjoys this class because of her love for writing and the atmosphere of the classroom every day.

Outside of the classroom, Abby is a part of the girls’ volleyball team, softball team, and trains in Tang Soo Do. After high school, Abby plans to go to college for business, as she hopes to open her own pub in the future. In her spare time, she takes care of her goats and her dogs, attends FFA conferences, works as a host at Revere Tavern, and goes to sports games to support her school. Her hobbies include traveling with her family, hanging out with her friends, and photography. Abby is also involved in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in New Holland.

If she were to change one thing about the world, Abby would simply make it a happier place for everybody. She considers her greatest lifetime accomplishment to be finishing third in the PIAA State Championship Tournament alongside her best friends. Her role model is Katherine Ranck, an agriculture educator and FFA advisor at Garden Spot High School. “She’s always my biggest fan and inspires me by her work ethic and ability to connect with others.” Abby is a great friend to have around in school and never fails to give us a good laugh.

Written by: Elyse Mundorff


Emilie Sauder


Emilie Sauder, daughter of Bob and Joyce Sauder, is a junior at Garden Spot High School. When asked, she will say she enjoys learning new things every day at school and expanding her knowledge on a variety of topics. Moreover, she is interested in learning about what her career interests may be. Her favorite class is AP U.S. Government and Politics because she enjoys the teaching style.

In after school hours, Emilie participates in NHS service projects, Brecknock Elementary School’s Good News Club, Field Hockey team managing, FFA, a before and after program at Bowmansville Mennonite Church, and working at Wood Creations with her dad in Terre Hill. After she graduates, Emilie plans on going into the mental health field and wishes to change the world through increasing mental health awareness and the important connection between mental and physical health. In her free time, Emilie enjoys walking her dog, working with children, community service, kayaking, and hanging out with her wonderful friends. She is an active member of Red Run Mennonite Church, teaching preschool Sunday School every other Sunday. Emilie would consider her induction into National Honor Society to be her greatest accomplishment. Her role model is Corrie ten Boom, accrediting her to be a “wonderful example of female bravery, courage, and steadfast faith through the toughest of times.”

Written by: Katie Swatski


Jesse Martin


Jesse Riley Martin, the son of Jacinda and Kirby, is the oldest of four with three younger siblings, Jethro, Jacobi, and Jasmine. He is 17 years old and goes to Garden Spot High School.

At school he enjoys seeing his friends and availing himself of the opportunity to learn that not many kids are able to do in today’s world. Jesse’s favorite class is woodworking in which he gets to use the fun of hands-on skills while also learning.

He participates in football, basketball, softball, youth group, and helps to coach youth football on Sundays.

After he graduates, Jesse would like to get a well-paying, sustainable job that possibly has something to do with athletics and wants to live a long, happy life.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball with his two younger brothers and exploring his artistic ability with drawing.

He goes to Pine Grove Church and is actively involved in their youth group. His hobbies include any sports activities, drawing, painting, hunting, along with anything that involves being outside.

If he could change one thing in today’s world, he would change all these new gender classifications. His biggest accomplishment to date is becoming the varsity quarterback. Jesse’s role models are his parents whom he says are such great people willing to make any sacrifice to help others.

Written by: Andrew Jones