Garden Spot High School


Kashindi Lusengya


Could you imagine moving over 7,700 miles away from all you’ve known, to a country you’ve never been to, where everyone speaks a language you do not know? Kashindi Lusengya, a senior at Garden Spot High School, can more than imagine this–she’s lived this.

As an 11-year-old, Lusengya and her family moved to New Holland, Pennsylvania from Tanzania, leaving all that they knew, to start a new life in the U.S. It was very difficult for her to leave everyone she knew, especially her grandmother, but she is glad and grateful that she’s met many new, good people. 

When asked what the change was like for her, she stated, “Everything was different. I didn’t know English. The house was different, and the people! The food, at first, tasted bad, but now the food is good.” 

Lusengya says the schooling in Africa was much different from her experiences here at GS. “The teacher was very strict and they taught us French, which I did not understand at all. If you raised your hand you had to get the question right, or they used a stick and hit your hands.” 

Even though it has been six years since she moved to the States, she still lives in fear of getting an answer wrong in school. 

Here in America, Lusengya has had opportunities to try things that she never would have been able to in Tanzania. She loves that she’s learned to read, write and speak English, and she’s also learned to drive. She’s especially looking forward to going to college. 

Coming to America has given her the chance to get involved in Willow Street’s Career and Technology Center (CTC) to build a career. Lusengya attends CTC because she wants to become a dental assistant. She hopes this pre-professional experience will make it easier to be accepted into college.

Written by: Sara Hoffman


Roxanne Avril


“I love going to school!” says Roxanne Avril, a track runner, tennis player, actress, and overall impressive senior at Garden Spot High School. Balancing her academics with all her school activities is something she says is the most fulfilling. “I admit, it can be difficult to be involved [and] keep up with my grades, but I love a good challenge.’’ 

Avril has been on the girls tennis team since her freshman year of high school. As a newcomer her freshman year, she joined tennis with a blank slate. With hard work and dedication, though, she immediately earned a place on the varsity team her sophomore year and she’s stayed there ever since. 

Her involvement in GSPA, the school’s theater group, comes from her passion for the performing arts. She’s appeared on stage, worked behind the scenes, and currently serves as a student-elected officer. Cavod Academy was her starting ground. At age ten, she performed in two shows and worked behind the scenes in one. She joined GSPA in her sophomore year. “Whether I am on the stage or behind the scenes I always love every second of it.” 

If Avril isn’t seen performing on a stage or playing singles in a tennis match, she’ll be on the bleachers supporting her fellow seniors in their own sporting events. Her favorite games to attend are football and basketball, as well as wrestling matches. 

As a proud representative of Garden Spot, she never forgets to wear her blue and gray Spartan spirit wear on game days. Her inspiring enthusiasm shines through no matter the activity or venue. 

Roxanne Avril is a determined student who always has a smile on her face. She is someone who knows how to be a true Spartan.

Written by: Johalys Bencosme