Garden Spot High School


Leija Hamzic

11th Grade

Leija Hamzic is a junior at Garden Spot High School. She participates in band and cheerleading and is also a member of student council and Tri-M Music Honors Society. Her favorite class is her internship at CPRS Physical Therapy. Although it is not a traditional class, Leija enjoys observing the therapists and gaining exposure to what the career entails. The internship has helped to solidify her career pursuit, and she plans to attend college to earn her doctorate in physical therapy. What Leija enjoys most about school is her teachers, as they make the lessons interesting and engaging. In her free time outside of school, Leija can be found practicing clarinet or relaxing and watching Netflix. Her hobbies include baking with her grandmother, traveling, and, of course, playing her clarinet. One of Leija’s greatest accomplishments is becoming a section leader for the clarinets in marching band this year.

Leija’s most admired person in life is her father. After the passing of her mother, he stepped up and took on the role of two parents. He never gave up, even when times were tough. He always puts Leija and her siblings first, giving them rides and coming to every game and event. The determination, perseverance, and warm heart of her father inspires Leija to work hard and push forward, even in difficult times. Something that Leija wishes she could change in the world is the selfishness and greed of humanity. As she sees it, so many issues – like racism, poverty, war, and pollution – are crippling our society. People focus so much on economic development and growth that they ignore those in need and let the world fall apart. Leija thinks that world leaders need to open their eyes and see the truth rather than be blinded by their own power.

Written by: Veronica Fox