Garden Spot High School


Emilie Sauder


Emilie Sauder, daughter of Bob and Joyce Sauder, is a junior at Garden Spot High School. When asked, she will say she enjoys learning new things every day at school and expanding her knowledge on a variety of topics. Moreover, she is interested in learning about what her career interests may be. Her favorite class is AP U.S. Government and Politics because she enjoys the teaching style.

In after school hours, Emilie participates in NHS service projects, Brecknock Elementary School’s Good News Club, Field Hockey team managing, FFA, a before and after program at Bowmansville Mennonite Church, and working at Wood Creations with her dad in Terre Hill. After she graduates, Emilie plans on going into the mental health field and wishes to change the world through increasing mental health awareness and the important connection between mental and physical health. In her free time, Emilie enjoys walking her dog, working with children, community service, kayaking, and hanging out with her wonderful friends. She is an active member of Red Run Mennonite Church, teaching preschool Sunday School every other Sunday. Emilie would consider her induction into National Honor Society to be her greatest accomplishment. Her role model is Corrie ten Boom, accrediting her to be a “wonderful example of female bravery, courage, and steadfast faith through the toughest of times.”

Written by: Katie Swatski


Jesse Martin


Jesse Riley Martin, the son of Jacinda and Kirby, is the oldest of four with three younger siblings, Jethro, Jacobi, and Jasmine. He is 17 years old and goes to Garden Spot High School.

At school he enjoys seeing his friends and availing himself of the opportunity to learn that not many kids are able to do in today’s world. Jesse’s favorite class is woodworking in which he gets to use the fun of hands-on skills while also learning.

He participates in football, basketball, softball, youth group, and helps to coach youth football on Sundays.

After he graduates, Jesse would like to get a well-paying, sustainable job that possibly has something to do with athletics and wants to live a long, happy life.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball with his two younger brothers and exploring his artistic ability with drawing.

He goes to Pine Grove Church and is actively involved in their youth group. His hobbies include any sports activities, drawing, painting, hunting, along with anything that involves being outside.

If he could change one thing in today’s world, he would change all these new gender classifications. His biggest accomplishment to date is becoming the varsity quarterback. Jesse’s role models are his parents whom he says are such great people willing to make any sacrifice to help others.

Written by: Andrew Jones