Gehmans Mennonite School


Kaylene Martin

8th Grade

If you would happen to walk into 8th grade at GMS on any random day, you could be sure to find Kaylene in the center of a hilarious, energetic conversation. She is someone I would describe as funny, artistic, friendly, and bubbly. Her favorite parts about school include art class, friends, and Phys. Ed. She is very talented in drawing and has created some amazing pieces of art. She also enjoys taking part in sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball. She is involved in the yearbook committee in which she takes pictures for her school’s yearbook. She has one sister and three brothers. She lives in Denver and attends Heritage Mennonite Church. Some of her hobbies include baking, cooking for her family for supper, drawing, painting, and watching movies with her family. If she could eliminate some things in her society it would be abortion, smoking, and drug abuse. Her greatest accomplishment so far, she states as, “accepting Christ as my savior.” She admires her mom because she’s kind, loving, and generous. She also admires artists for their ability to make real life drawings. Her favorite food is French fries and her favorite animals are bunnies. She has a hard time picking her favorite movie but some of her top ones include Tangled and Miracles from Heaven. After she graduates 8th grade, she plans to attend Terre Hill Mennonite High School and she would like to take art class while in high school. After she’s out of school she would like to work at a cafe or clothing store. Another dream of hers would be to go on mission trips with her youth leaders. In conclusion, Kaylene is a person I’m proud to call my friend. If you ever happen to meet her you won’t soon forget her.

Written by: Katara Nolt