Gehmans Mennonite School


Amanda Riehl

8th Grade

Amanda Riehl is a bubbly, energetic, thirteen-year-old girl who loves tacos and Chinese food. Her parents are Ivan and Mary Riehl, and she is the only girl in her family. She has one older brother and four younger brothers, including a set of twins. At school, her favorite subject is P.E. because she enjoys playing sports. Her favorite sports include basketball, volleyball, softball, and soccer. Amanda also likes the social aspect of school. She enjoys seeing her friends every day and serving on the yearbook committee. After graduating from GMS, she plans to participate in Penn Foster Home School.

Amanda and her family attend Word of Truth Church. She looks up to her pastor’s family because they are a good influence, and they set a godly example. Her greatest accomplishment is becoming a Christian. If Amanda could change something in the world, she would change abortion because the Bible says that it is wrong to kill.

In her free time, Amanda enjoys taking walks, riding horses, baking, playing sports, and photography. If you are ever in the junior high hallway at GMS during a class change, you will most likely hear Amada’s bubbly and contagious laugh as she talks to her friends. You might also see her walking around the school as she takes pictures for the yearbook.

Written by: Jayna Horst


Savannah Zimmerman

8th Grade

Savannah Zimmerman is a fun, energetic, and optimistic person. She is always laughing and making unforgettable memories. Her favorite thing about school is being with friends. Her favorite subject is P.E. because we get to play sports and be outside. Savannah also loves volleyball. In her spare time, Savannah enjoys drawing, photography, reading, and going biking.

Savannah attends Churchtown Mennonite Church with her parents David and Loretta, her two sisters, and her brother. Savannah is currently working at Brecknock Orchard and is planning to do online homeschool for high school. When asked if she were to change something in the world today, what would it be, she answered, “I would stop abortion.” Savannah says that her greatest accomplishment is getting on the yearbook committee. Savannah admires her parents because they do so much for her and love her no matter what.

Savannah is a great person and friend. Even though she might seem quiet at first, her bubbly personality will quickly shine through. I hope you will get to meet her someday because she can really make your day better. I am so proud to have such a great person like Savannah as my friend.

Written by: Kaley Shirk