Gehmans Mennonite School


Jordan Horst

8th Grade

Jordan Horst, an 8th grader, is a godly young 13-year-old Christian man. He has two brothers and one sister. Jordan’s favorite class at school is Phys. Ed. Jordan enjoys Phys. Ed. because he likes playing sports. His favorite sports are baseball and softball. Jordan played for the Bowmansville Red Sox.

In his spare time, Jordan enjoys hanging out with his family and camping with them. Some of his hobbies are hunting, fishing, and playing basketball with his brothers. If he’s not doing that, you can see him playing the fiddle in his family’s bluegrass band called J-Tyme. Jordan and his family currently attend Heritage Mennonite Church.

After he graduates, he plans on going to Terre Hill Mennonite High School. After he graduates, Jordan plans on getting a job. He admires his dad and his brothers because they are great role models. One of his greatest accomplishments is becoming an avid follower of Jesus. He is very outdoorsy, athletic, and outgoing. If you ever see Jordan, he will have a smile on his face.

Written by: Zachary Sauder


Zachary Sauder

8th Grade

Zachary Sauder is a 14-year-old 8th grader at Gehmans Mennonite School. His favorite part of school is Phys. Ed. where he gets to play sports. The reason he likes Phys. Ed. is because he can run. The sport he likes most is basketball, so he always looks forward to the basketball season when he can play games against other schools. Also, some of the extra-curricular activities he is looking forward to is shop where he enjoys writing articles and taking pictures. 

After he graduates 8th grade he plans on homeschooling for high school and making money at a job. When Zachary has spare time, he enjoys playing sports with his brothers and watching TV. 

One of his hobbies is fishing. He likes a lot of food, but his favorite would be steak. He also likes taking vacation at the beach and swimming. 

The church he goes to is Gehmans Mennonite Church. If Zachary could change something in the world, he would change bullying. Out of his life he feels like the greatest accomplishment he made in his life is becoming a Christian.

He admires his grandma. After this article, you will know him better and want to meet him.

Written by: Grant Sensenig


Alea Rollman

8th Grade

If you were to walk into Gehmans Mennonite School, where 13-year-old Alea Rollman goes to school, down to the Jr. High hallway, you probably would see Alea talking with her friends, waiting to get to her locker, or rushing to get to her next class. Alea says, “My favorite part about school is spending time with my friends, but my favorite class is Social Studies because you get to learn about your history.” If you know Alea you also know her personality is one of a kind. Talkative, bubbly, and encouraging are just a few words to describe Alea. 

After graduating 8th grade, she plans to homeschool through Penn Foster or go to a local Co-op. When she was asked what she enjoys doing in her spare time, Alea responded, “I enjoy texting my friends and hanging out with my three younger siblings.” Currently Alea attends Honey Brook Community Church.

“Hobbies that I enjoy include horseback riding because I like interacting with the horses. I also enjoy babysitting my siblings and kids from my church.”

If Alea were to change one thing in the world, it would be getting rid of discrimination. “Because discrimination isn’t a good thing, and I feel we should not go around and judge people because of their color.” Just one of Alea’s many great accomplishments is bringing her grades up, so she has more time to spend with her friends. Alea says, “The person I admire most would have to be my mom because she takes amazing care of my siblings and me, and she’s always there for me no matter what.”

Written by: Maddy Zimmerman


Luke Stoltzfus

8th Grade

Luke Stoltzfus attends Gehmans Mennonite School. Luke likes playing sports in school. “If it is a sport, I am going to play it.” Gehmans Mennonite school only goes to eighth grade, so when Luke graduates from here, he plans to homeschool with the Penn Foster program. If their family has the opportunity to move, he is going to go to Conestoga Valley School District. In his spare time, Luke enjoys gaming and playing sports with friends. Luke is also part of a church softball league. He attends Petra Church. Luke says if he were to change something in the world, it would be to end world hunger. “There are a lot of countries in the world that are struggling with a lack of food,” he says. Luke works for his mother’s restaurant, White Horse Luncheonette. Luke enjoys P.E. because of the sports and friendly competition. Luke admires his brother Steven who is twenty-eight years old. Steven lost all fingers but his thumb on his left hand. It is a struggle for him as he was left-handed. Luke is a very interesting and goofy person here at Gehmans. I am sure his family is excited to see where Luke takes his life and all the great experiences he will have.

Written by: Tyrell Martin


Mason Eby

8th Grade

Either raining or snowing, Mason Eby will always find something to do.

He is thirteen and enjoys the outdoors but occasionally playing video games.

He is intelligent and fun to be around. His favorite thing about school is Phys. Ed. because he enjoys soccer.

He especially enjoys spike ball and fishing in the Conestoga River close to his house.

After he graduates from Gehmans Mennonite School, he plans to be home schooled for high school.

Mason attends Churchtown Mennonite Church. His greatest accomplishment to date is trapping his first fox.

Two people he admires are his parents. If he could change anything in the world today, it would be for people to go home with no homework.

Two things he wants to do sometime in his life are to go to Bass Pro Shops in Texas and catch a Goliath Grouper.

Written by: Ryan Brubacher


Nevaeh Barker

8th Grade

If you ever come to Gehmans Mennonite school, you may see Nevaeh Barker going from class to class. 

Nevaeh is thirteen years old, and she has two sisters and no brothers. Nevaeh goes to Charity Christian Fellowship Church. 

Nevaeh likes P.E. most about school because she gets to challenge herself.

She plans to get a good job when she graduates. In Nevaeh’s spare time she likes to play sports, go fishing, hang out with her friends, and go for four-wheeler rides. 

Nevaeh belongs to an organization called LCM. She goes to LCM every Tuesday. LCM is a place where they teach city children about God. 

Nevaeh likes to spend time with her family and likes to bake. I asked Nevaeh, if she could change something in the world today, what would it be? She said, “If I could, I would change abortion.” Nevaeh is a very active girl and admires her grandfather.

Written by: Veronica Rhoads


Cole Ochs

8th Grade

Cole Ochs is an 8th grader at Gehmans Mennonite School. His favorite part of school is playing sports and hanging out with friends. When he graduates from Gehmans, he is planning on home schooling.

Now a little bit about Cole, his parents are Christ and Janeen, and he has two siblings—an older sister named Molly and a younger brother named Lane. He attends Victory Baptist Church and participates in the youth group. Some of Cole’s interests are playing video games, hunting, playing sports, fishing, and playing with his younger brother.

Cole’s greatest accomplishment is becoming a Christian. He admires his pastor Hicks. In the world, Cole would like less bullying.

In school his favorite class is math because he likes numbers. Someday he would like to become an accountant.

A few random facts about Cole, his favorite color is orange, his favorite sports team is the Eagles, his favorite car is the Bugatti Veyron, and his favorite place to eat is the Crab House.

Now a little bit about what I think of Cole. First of all, he is one of the kindest people I know. He also has a great sense of humor, and the most important thing is, he is a good friend.

Written by: Harrison Reiff


Grant Sensenig

8th Grade

Grant is a quiet, athletic thirteen-year-old student. He attends Gehmans Mennonite School, and his parents are Brian and Sherina Sensenig. He is the oldest of a family of boys. Grant enjoys sports; therefore, his favorite class is Physical Education. Grant’s favorite sport is basketball. 

At school Grant is a part of Echoes, the school newspaper, where he takes pictures and writes articles. He also takes shop class, where he builds wooden projects. After Grant graduates from Gehmans in the spring of 2022, he plans to go to high school. After high school he plans to get a job, but he is still uncertain what job he will pursue.

In his spare time Grant enjoys playing sports, but if sports aren’t available, he is happy to just sit and chill. He also enjoys vacations with his family and extended family. He attends Living Waters Mennonite Fellowship, and if he could change one thing in the world, he would outlaw abortion.

Grant admires his grandpa because he is a hardworking man, and Grant hopes to be a hard worker and set a good example like his grandpa. One of Grant’s greatest accomplishments has been attending Gehmans Mennonite School for the past eight years.

As you can see, Grant is a great guy once you get to know him.

Written by: Jordan Horst