Gehmans Mennonite School


Tyler Zimmerman

8th Grade

If you would walk into a room you would probably hear Tyler laughing or making someone laugh before you see him. Tyler Zimmerman is an 8th grader at Gehmans Mennonite School. Tyler’s favorite thing to do at school is to hang out with his friends because he enjoys talking with them. His favorite class is Phys Ed because he likes competition. And in his spare time he loves to play hockey, basketball, and shooting his compound bow. His dream is to become a professional hockey player.

Tyler’s favorite season is fall because he loves the weather and most of all hunting season starts. He loves to go hunting; he says the feeling of getting an animal is amazing. His role model is his dad because he is a good example and has learned lots from him. And his favorite foods are hot wings, pizza, and brownies and ice cream. He always is very cheerful and encouraging.

Tyler’s parents are Jimmy and Louise, he has five sisters and no brothers. His favorite thing to do with his family is to go on vacation with them. He has two dogs. One is a bulldog named Gabby, the other is a lab named Sandy. When Tyler graduates he is going to take online high school courses and is going to play hockey for Garden Spot High school.

Written by: Travis Horning


Jasmyn Stoltzfus

8th Grade

Jasmyn is an outgoing friendly person. She loves to laugh especially when she is with her friends. One thing she loves to do with her friends is watch movies. She usually ends up laughing and her friends usually end up crying.

Jasmyn is the second to youngest in her family. She has five siblings, three sisters and two brothers. One person she looks up to is her mom. She admires her because she is always busy and she still keeps it all together. One of her favorite things to do with her family is to sit around a campfire and talk. Jasmyn and her family attend Petra Christian Fellowship.

Jasmyn’s favorite subject is math because the class is small and so usually they go on a lot of bunny trails. One of her favorite things about school is Phys Ed because she loves to feel the adrenaline rush as she dribbles down the field to make a goal or dribbles down the court to score a basket.

Jasmyn’s favorite animals are dogs and horses. She has one dog and three rabbits. One of her dreams is to someday work on a ranch. If she could start any business, she would start a restaurant. After she graduates, she plans to home school and someday go on missions. If Jasmyn could change anything, she would change abortion laws. One of her favorite pastimes are listening to music. Her favorite kind of music is praise and worship.

Some of her hobbies are coloring and drawing. She likes to play basketball outside. She loves to play with her dog.

I enjoy having Jasmyn as a classmate because she keeps school interesting and lively.

Written by: Keira Horst


Gianna Good

8th Grade

Gianna lives on a farm with many animals. They have pigs, dogs, and her brothers have pheasants. But out of all of their animals, her favorite are their horses. She loves riding her horse, Majestic, because she loves watching God’s creation and riding God’s creature.

In school her favorite subject is Phys. Ed. The reason for this is because she loves hanging out with other girls and playing sports. Her favorite sport is basketball because she can block shots and shoot over people’s heads. Her favorite subject is science. She loves learning about life science especially. When she graduates she wants to homeschool and work for her dad at Good’s Feed Mill. She also would like to become a teacher or a missionary.

Gianna has nine siblings, three sisters and six brothers. She also has eight nieces and three nephews. Something she enjoys doing is playing instruments with her family. Their family plays a lot of instruments and they are very good at it too.

She looks up to Amy Carmichael because she loves how she spent her life living how God wanted her to. She loves the thought of going to Africa and meeting people living in the area. Who knows? Maybe she’ll want to be a missionary there.

One thing I love about Gianna is how she always wants to help you. Gianna is an amazing young lady. She is very kind and caring. If you ever get the chance to talk to her you definitely should.

Written by: Jasmyn Stoltzfus


Jaclyn Hoover

8th Grade

Jaclyn is a great classmate. She always has a brilliant smile on her face and adds laughter to the class.

Some things Jaclyn really likes about school are that she gets to see her friends and gets to do art. She likes art because she can express her feelings. Her favorite kind of art is painting, but painting with water colors is her favorite. In her free time Jaclyn loves drawing and listening to music. Her favorite colors are aqua and coral. Her favorite kind of food is a cheeseburger. Her favorite sport is ice skating.

After graduation Jaclyn plans to go to high school and work at a café or coffee shop. If she could start a business she would start a small café, coffee shop, or a fashion store with modest clothing. Jaclyn dreams of traveling someday. Two countries she would like to travel to would be France and Spain.

She also likes to spend time with her family and their pets. Jaclyn is the oldest in her family and has one brother and one sister. Her parents are Derrick and Joetta Hoover. One of her most important decisions was to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. If Jaclyn could change anything in the world she would outlaw abortion, because it is not right to kill little unborn babies.

If you ever meet Jaclyn, I’m sure you will not quickly forget her because of her great friendly personality.

Written by: Gianna Good


Samantha Martin

8th Grade

Samantha, also known as Sammi, has an energetic, funny, and in her words, “very interesting,” personality. Sammi is very good at making people laugh. For example, when I asked her if she has any dreams, she replied, “Yes, every night.”

Sammi’s favorite part of school is her friendships. Her favorite class is math. She doesn’t like math, though – she likes the class. It is a small class of nine, and there are lots of laughs that come from that class. After she graduates, she plans to homeschool, get a good paying job, and learn Spanish.

Her parents’ names are Andy and Esther Martin. She has one sister, named Chloe. They go to Fairview Mennonite Church. Sammi loves the summer. The reason being, there is no school. She also loves going to the beach with her family in the summer time. When she goes to the beach, she loves swimming in the water. Also, with her family she loves going to Mexican restaurants.

Some random facts about Sam – She loves llamas. She has loved llamas since fifth grade. Her favorite book and movie is Narnia. Her favorite brand is Adidas. Her main chore is cleaning her room. Also, if she could visit any country, she would visit Japan.

Samantha is a wonderful godly young lady, and she is worth getting to know if you ever meet her.

Written by: Mya Rutt