Gehmans Mennonite School


Jennifer Zimmerman

8th Grade

Jennifer goes to Gehmans Mennonite School. She is in the 8th grade class of twenty-one students. There are some that call Jennifer by her name, but most call her Jenn. What she likes most about school is that she gets to hang out with her friends. Her greatest goal in life is getting to 8th grade. Her favorite subject is P.E. because of the sports she plays. Her favorite sport is soccer. She said that if Gehmans had a high school she would go there for her next years. When she does graduate 8th grade, she is going to homeschool and get a job.

While she is at home, she likes talking to others and watching sports. Most of her hobbies would surround sports, socialization, games, and baking. She said that she would rather stay home than travel. On Sundays she goes to her church, Churchtown Mennonite Church. She said, “I admire my mom and dad because they have taught me much about life.” When she was asked if she could change something what would it be, Jenn said it would be “abortion, because of the life that is involved.”

Her friends and family love Jenn for who she is and because of her wonderful personality.

Written by: Cheyenne Martin


Chloe Martin

8th Grade

Chloe Martin is a studious 8th grader at Gehmans Mennonite School. She enjoys school, and her favorite part about it is Phys. Ed. and being with her friends. After graduating from GMS, she plans to go to Firm Foundations Academy.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading. Her favorite book is My Name is Chloe by Melody Carlson. Chloe is an avid reader who always has a book in hand. Other activities she enjoys include basketball, being outside, and going to the beach with her family. She also loves hanging out with friends on the weekends. Some of her favorite places to visit around Lancaster County are Agape Café and Fashion Cents.

If Chloe were to change something in the world today, it would be abortion. “I admire Abraham Lincoln because he was very inspiring,” she says. “It was really cool how he freed the slaves because he believed slavery was wrong.”

She plans to get a job at her uncle’s farm, though a career she would like to pursue is interior design. She would even like to start an interior design company someday.

You may see Chloe laughing with her friends or quietly studying in class. “I love sports, and I like to be active.” Chloe is super bubbly and nice, and I love being her friend.

Written by: Ayiesha Witmer


Weston Martin

8th Grade

Weston Martin is a student in the 22-23 8th grade class here at Gehmans Mennonite School. He also attends Heritage Mennonite Church. 

One of the things Weston enjoys doing is building model cars. Another hobby of Weston’s is fishing. His main target is catfish. 

A few of the sports Weston enjoys are spikeball and basketball.

Here at GMS, Weston takes part in the school newspaper, Echoes. Weston’s favorite subjects are science and PE. Weston states that, “anything with sports is fun.” 

When asked if he could change anything in the world today, Weston replied, “I would send more help to third-world countries.” 

Weston’s greatest accomplishment is winning the water balloon catching/throwing contest at the Ephrata Fair.

For the future, Weston hopes to attend Terre Hill Mennonite High School and states that the most admirable people he knows are his parents because they do practically everything for him.

Written by: Caden Sensenig


Lucy Becker

8th Grade

Lucy Becker is a cheerful, carefree, energetic young lady. She lives in Terre Hill and attends Bowmansville Mennonite Church. Her favorite thing to do at church is youth group. She is the oldest of five kids. She has two brothers and twin sisters.

Some of her hobbies include reading The Boxcar Children books, hanging out with friends, making food for her family, and watching movies. What she enjoys most about school is hanging out with friends. Her favorite class in school is Social Studies. Lucy is also a member of the ’22-23 Yearbook Committee.

After Lucy graduates from 8th grade this year at Gehmans, she will be attending either Crossroads or Garden Spot High School. Lucy’s dream job is to become an interior designer and be a businesswoman in that field.

I asked Lucy if she could change one thing in the world, what would it be. And she said, “I would eliminate abortion.” Two people Lucy admires are Abbi Musser for her kindness and Renee Martin because she is a strong Christian.

Lucy’s dream vacation would be to Hawaii or Europe. Her favorite sport is volleyball, and she really likes Jolly Ranchers. She loves Chinese and Italian food. If you ever get a chance to meet Lucy, she will definitely have a smile on her face, and she’ll be laughing. She will probably make you laugh too.

Written by: Rinna Glick


Kherington Hoover

8th Grade

If you can’t find Kherington, you will most likely find her in the library looking for another book to read. Kherington’s hobbies are reading, playing piano, and sports. She especially likes playing softball. She is hoping to play on the Garden Spot girls’ softball team. Kherington’s favorite thing to do at school is P.E. and hanging out with friends. After she graduates, she wants to work at September Farms and do online schooling with Penn Foster. She also plays on the worship team at Faith Journey Church. Kherington says playing on the worship team is her greatest accomplishment. 

If Kherington would change anything in the world, it would be human trafficking. If there would be one person she would choose to admire, it would be her mom. Some more random facts about Kherington are as follows: her parent’s names are Dana and Wanda Hoover. Her favorite color is blue. She absolutely loves baby cows. She says they are the most adorable animals she ever saw. Her favorite book is The Princess by Lori Wick, and her favorite sport is, of course, softball. Kherington is amazing at softball and plays it with her dad and brother after school when the weather is nice. She loves to go to the cabin and ride four-wheeler around in the mud. Overall, Kherington is a great friend and an awesome person to be around.

Written by: Jayla Hoover


Charity Auker

8th Grade

Charity Auker is a fun-loving, creative eighth grader at Gehmans Mennonite School. Her favorite thing about school is the social aspect of it. She is involved in yearbook this year which makes her a familiar face with the students. Her favorite subject is literature, “because I like reading stories and having different discussions about the books and the themes.” After graduating eighth grade she plans to attend Terre Hill Mennonite High School.

At home or in her spare time, you will most likely find Charity with her nose in a book. She also enjoys listening to music, being outside, playing sports with her two brothers, and baking. Her sketch book overflows with drawings and sketches containing anything from people to cups of hot cocoa. Her favorite food is crispy French fries topped by ketchup alongside a burger.

Charity loves Jesus a lot and it shines through. She became a Christian when she was ten years old. She and her family attend Heritage Mennonite Church.

If given the chance to travel anywhere in the world, she would go to Uganda because she wants to work in the orphanage that her relatives run. This dream just goes to show her huge heart for people and how much she loves Jesus. 

Charity is one of those people whose encouragement hits the spot and whose smile brightens your day. She has been an amazing friend to me personally, and so many others as well. I hope that you get the chance to get to know her or someone like her.

Written by: Renee Martin