Gehmans Mennonite School


Nevaeh Barker

8th Grade

If you ever come to Gehmans Mennonite school, you may see Nevaeh Barker going from class to class. 

Nevaeh is thirteen years old, and she has two sisters and no brothers. Nevaeh goes to Charity Christian Fellowship Church. 

Nevaeh likes P.E. most about school because she gets to challenge herself.

She plans to get a good job when she graduates. In Nevaeh’s spare time she likes to play sports, go fishing, hang out with her friends, and go for four-wheeler rides. 

Nevaeh belongs to an organization called LCM. She goes to LCM every Tuesday. LCM is a place where they teach city children about God. 

Nevaeh likes to spend time with her family and likes to bake. I asked Nevaeh, if she could change something in the world today, what would it be? She said, “If I could, I would change abortion.” Nevaeh is a very active girl and admires her grandfather.

Written by: Veronica Rhoads


Cole Ochs

8th Grade

Cole Ochs is an 8th grader at Gehmans Mennonite School. His favorite part of school is playing sports and hanging out with friends. When he graduates from Gehmans, he is planning on home schooling.

Now a little bit about Cole, his parents are Christ and Janeen, and he has two siblings—an older sister named Molly and a younger brother named Lane. He attends Victory Baptist Church and participates in the youth group. Some of Cole’s interests are playing video games, hunting, playing sports, fishing, and playing with his younger brother.

Cole’s greatest accomplishment is becoming a Christian. He admires his pastor Hicks. In the world, Cole would like less bullying.

In school his favorite class is math because he likes numbers. Someday he would like to become an accountant.

A few random facts about Cole, his favorite color is orange, his favorite sports team is the Eagles, his favorite car is the Bugatti Veyron, and his favorite place to eat is the Crab House.

Now a little bit about what I think of Cole. First of all, he is one of the kindest people I know. He also has a great sense of humor, and the most important thing is, he is a good friend.

Written by: Harrison Reiff


Grant Sensenig

8th Grade

Grant is a quiet, athletic thirteen-year-old student. He attends Gehmans Mennonite School, and his parents are Brian and Sherina Sensenig. He is the oldest of a family of boys. Grant enjoys sports; therefore, his favorite class is Physical Education. Grant’s favorite sport is basketball. 

At school Grant is a part of Echoes, the school newspaper, where he takes pictures and writes articles. He also takes shop class, where he builds wooden projects. After Grant graduates from Gehmans in the spring of 2022, he plans to go to high school. After high school he plans to get a job, but he is still uncertain what job he will pursue.

In his spare time Grant enjoys playing sports, but if sports aren’t available, he is happy to just sit and chill. He also enjoys vacations with his family and extended family. He attends Living Waters Mennonite Fellowship, and if he could change one thing in the world, he would outlaw abortion.

Grant admires his grandpa because he is a hardworking man, and Grant hopes to be a hard worker and set a good example like his grandpa. One of Grant’s greatest accomplishments has been attending Gehmans Mennonite School for the past eight years.

As you can see, Grant is a great guy once you get to know him.

Written by: Jordan Horst