Hinkletown Mennonite School


Kai Umble

8th Grade

If anyone at Hinkletown Mennonite School ever has a technology question, they can always rely on Kai to fix it. Kai is in eighth grade and is the son of Ryan and Bethany Umble and has two siblings, Juliana and Aslan. He also enjoys playing with his two cats, Tansy and Finn. Kai really enjoys being creative while working with technology. 

Kai loves programming on the computers using websites such as Scratch, Photoshop, and other coding sites. Daniel Poplavskyy, Kai’s friend, said, “Kai is a great friend and he is very good at programming.” He enjoys using all of those things to show his creativity and his vast imagination that he gets from reading books! Kai is very talented in computer class, which helps him excel in math, social studies, and science. Kai not only works on his computer at his home, but he also uses his technology skills by volunteering at his church, The Living Room, by running the soundboard. 

Kai is planning on attending the Venture Program at Hinkletown Mennonite School where he will surely excel throughout high school. He is hoping to work at a tech company as a career, so that he may pursue his passion for computers. Kai is sure to continue following the Lord and show his awesome personality to others.

Written by: Katie Denlinger


Maddy Horning

7th Grade

Maddy Horning is in 7th grade, lives in East Earl, and goes to Hinkletown Mennonite School. She also attends Christian Fellowship Church with her parents, Jason and Stephanie Horning. Along with her parents, Maddy has no siblings but a dog named Daisy that she loves and plays with very much. Her favorite color is yellow and favorite food is a cheeseburger. Overall Maddy is very involved in music and is very talented at it.

Maddy is very good at music and likes it a lot. Last year Maddy was very involved in the music department at HMS. She played violin and the xylophone and still plays it today. Likewise, she loves to sing, so she did Chamber choir last year and enjoyed it. Most of all, what Maddy loves most about music is listening to it. Her favorite kind of music is not just pop, but classical music, too. Maddy said, “I listen to music just about every day.” She said that with confidence and loves listening to music.

Maddy is hard working and very good as a musician. She is a kind, loving girl who likes to help others and has a weird sense of humor at times. She laughs a lot, spreading smiles on people’s faces that her classmates love.

Written by: Alayna Horst


Mason Regitz

8th Grade

Mason Regitz is one of the most athletic students at Hinkletown Mennonite School, where he is in 8th grade. Mason attends Conestoga Church of the Brethren with two of his siblings and his parents, Brent and Kristi Regitz. Mason’s other two siblings are away at college. Mason is interested in a lot of different things, like soccer and volleyball, Boy Scouts, and playing the clarinet, but if he had to choose one hobby, he would choose soccer.

Mason is a really fantastic soccer player. He plays soccer for Hinkletown and he also plays on the travel team for Ephrata. The thing that Mason likes the most about playing soccer is getting to do corner kicks, passing to his teammates, and the satisfaction of scoring. Austin, one of Mason’s friends said, “Mason is a good team player,” and as a soccer player that is a good characteristic to have. Another great characteristic a soccer player can have is their attitude, and Mason has a great attitude on and off the field. Mason shows he is a good team player even in gym class by passing to everyone and not only passing to his friends.

Although Mason does not know what he wants to do in the future, if he had the chance to help out with coaching soccer, he would. Mason is a great soccer player, especially when he handles the ball well and scores or has a great pass. Hopefully Mason keeps practicing hard and playing for God’s glory.

Written by: Hadassah Knowles


Hadassah Benedick

7th Grade

The future vet tech Hadassah Benedick goes to Hinkletown Mennonite School. She is in 7th grade and her favorite subjects are math, Bible, and science. Hadassah has two lovely parents by the name of Ben and Gigi Benedick. She goes to Calvary Church with her siblings, Abigail, Joel, and Sarah. She spent the first five years of her life going between Papua New Guinea and Pennsylvania because her parents were missionaries. Hadassah has already had an exciting life traveling, and she wants to continue her exciting life by working with animals some day.

Hadassah is engaged in a lot of different activities throughout her life. She enjoys playing the flute, is a good singer, and enjoys playing soccer and basketball. Even though she likes these activities, her love of animals comes first. “I like everything about animals,’’ said Hadassah. “I love the way that they are always playful and never stop loving their humans.” She wants to be a vet tech and dog breeder when she grows up, but for now she enjoys taking care of the animals she has at home. She has a dog named Godiva and two bunnies named Thumper and Aurora.

With perseverance and determination, Hadassah will be able to become the person God has called her to be.

Written by: Jada Bauman


Caleb Martin

7th Grade

Caleb Martin is in 7th grade at Hinkletown Mennnonite School. His parents are Jeff and Hannah Martin, and he has three siblings. His family goes to Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community. He plays basketball and volleyball on Hinkletown’s teams, and his favorite subjects are science, social studies, gym, and art. He hopes to work at Martin Tree Service when he is older, which is his family’s business. Caleb enjoys being outdoors with friends and family.

He likes to ride four wheelers in his free time, even though he once broke his leg riding a four wheeler. There are many trails through the woods around his house that he rides on. He also plays with his many animals (cats, horses, goats, sheep, and a dog) as well as taking care of them. He also likes to hang out with his friends at Keegan, the junior youth group at his church. He is excited about their weekend retreats and the many outdoor games. 

He also likes to go hunting at his grandparents’ cabin in Juniata County as well as in the woods near his house. He has gotten a six-point buck and a doe so far. While at his grandparents’ cabin, he goes hunting, rides four wheelers, and goes swimming and water skiing on a tube. 

Caleb likes to spend time outside with his friends, and he is smart and hardworking in school. Caleb is funny and a great friend to have.

Written by: Weston Martin


Katie Denlinger

8th Grade

A common stereotype is that boys are more athletically inclined than girls, but Katie Denlinger is an obvious exception to that. Katie is in 8th grade at Hinkletown Mennonite School and attends Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community. She is the daughter of Brian and Renita Denlinger and has two siblings: Kyle, who is in 9th grade, and Kira, who is in college. Katie has two dogs named Mali and Kusi, loves to bake, enjoys eating Italian food, and her favorite color is purple. However, her favorite thing to do in her free time is sports.

Katie has been involved in athletics for many years. She has played soccer for five seasons, often plays basketball in the winter, and tried out volleyball for the first time this fall. Her teammate and friend Allysen commented that “She is very good at spiking the ball.” Her speed and agility help her excel at these sports, and also in places like recess and gym class, where she is a great teammate to play with, but a tough opponent to compete against.

Although she is not sure what career she wants to pursue or what high school she will attend, she knows that she wants to use her God-given abilities to further His kingdom in whatever way that might be.

Written by: Kai Umble


Jada Bauman

7th Grade

Jada Bauman is a very creative 7th grader who loves Chinese food, the color purple, and black mini goldendoodles. Jada has four siblings and is the daughter of Myron and Bethany Bauman. She is the oldest child in her family. She was adopted when she was four and has two older birth siblings as well as three younger ones who she lives with now. She enjoys helping out at her dad’s business doing various jobs. She goes to Ephrata Community Church with her family. Her family encourages her to keep being creative and enjoys everything she puts together.

Jada loves spending time being creative in the fashion industry. She enjoys putting outfits together to wear. She is always wearing something unique and fashionable. She typically has her hair up in a different way every day of the week. When she finishes with high school, she hopes to major in fashion and become a fashion designer after that. Outside of school, some of her favorite hobbies are doing hair, nails, and writing music. 

Jada loves using creativity in school as well, like her favorite subjects math, PE, Chamber Choir, and music, where she enjoys singing and playing the conga. At school, she also plays volleyball and track. Out of these two sports, track is her favorite because she loves to run. Whether in school, on a court, or on a track, her creativity shines.

 Jada also is dreaming that someday she will become a rodeo cowgirl, but for now she hopes to continue on at Hinkletown through high school.

Written by: Hadassah Benedick


Jonathan Trego

8th Grade

Jonathan Trego is a very witty and fascinating student in the eighth grade at Hinkletown Mennonite School. He attends LCBC Church with his Nan and Pap, Laurie and Tom Bracelin. He has one half sibling, Maddie Mailloux, and he enjoys living with her and his nephew. For high school, Jonathan will be attending Garden Spot High School. He works at New Holland Family Restaurant as a dishwasher and is a very hard worker. He is very passionate towards acting and hopes to pursue acting on television.

Jonathan Trego has been an asset in the Middle School Drama Program at HMS for over the past two years. He has performed in one production, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in 6th grade starring as a lead role. Last year, Jonathan participated in the Drama Club as a 7th grader with very exceptional acting skills. This year, Jonathan is very excited and pumped about performing in the play in February of 2022. In the future, he hopes to be an actor in action and horror movies. Mr. Jeremy Horning, HMS Performing Arts Coordinator says, “Jon brings great energy to the stage. He can play a variety of roles and has done an especially good job at portraying older, mature characters in recent performances. He is an asset to HMS Performing Arts!”

 Jonathan is planning on attending college after high school, and he cannot wait to continue his dream in college and receive a major in acting or drama. Jonathan is ready to pursue his future and make it to the big screen.

Written by: Kara Burkholder