Hinkletown Mennonite School


Kathryn Zimmerman

8th Grade

Kathryn Zimmerman is a creative eighth grader who attends school at Hinkletown Mennonite School.  She lives with her parents, Lorin and Wendy, as well as her siblings, Austin and Emily. They all attend Millport Mennonite Church. Kathryn enjoys going to the beach with her family, swimming, and soccer. No matter what she is doing, she has many creative ideas.

There are a variety of ways Kathryn enjoys being creative. She is very good at art and enjoys drawing sceneries and portraits. She also enjoys other types of art, such as cake decorating. In whatever type of art she is doing, she finds ways to be very creative. In seventh grade art class, Kathryn and her friends made a boat out of trash, including people on the deck doing activities, flags on the roof, and even a water skier. She also enjoys cooking and finding ways to be creative in the kitchen, as well as planting succulents and other flowers in interesting patterns. She enjoys playing soccer where she might just use some creative plays.

Kathryn’s creativity will aid in her future dreams of becoming an interior designer. Interior designers need to be extra creative to get every last detail correct. She already has some experience because she helped her parents redesign her room. She has also been part of the yearbook team at school and helped to design it.

Kathryn will be a very good interior designer, and her creativity will aid her in the future.

Written by: Nate Cassel


Ceili Marquis

8th Grade

If anyone ever wants to find Ceili Marquis, they will likely discover her serving others or singing while doing her schoolwork. Ceili has been supported by her wonderful parents, Sean and Juanice, and she has two brothers, Colin and Ian, who have been by her side since she was little. Ceili and her family attend New Holland Church of the Nazarene almost every Sunday. This wonderful eighth grader has been going to Hinkletown Mennonite School since she was in second grade. Ceili has many gifts, and they include showing others what God has given her and helping them see God’s love through her.

Anything Ceili does, she makes sure to do it with kindness and love. She is involved in many school activities, such as writing for the newspaper, being one of the voices for morning announcements, and taking care of the animals in the science room. She enjoys being involved in activities because it gives her an opportunity to show God’s love. One of Ceili’s many friends, Sienna Smith, mentioned that she is always humming or singing a song that praises God.

Ceili is regularly singing during her many hobbies. She has enjoyed learning how to play the ukulele, and at home she loves to play videogames, read, write, and sing. Ceili is in the Middle School Chamber Choir this year, and she looks forward to it because it gives her a chance to worship with others. Ceili has experienced God’s love and she wants others to see it, too.

Ceili shows others what God has blessed her with whenever she can. She has touched so many people during her life. She is funny, smart, and kind. Ceili is an amazing person who loves God and will forever follow Him.

Written by: Rylee Youndt


Timothy Martin

8th Grade

Timothy Martin is a 14-year-old boy who will stand out wherever he is as an excellent servant of Christ. He attends Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community with his three siblings and his parents, whose names are Jeff and Hannah. He likes to ride his four-wheeler in the woods behind his house and is a very good driver. He goes to Hinkletown Mennonite School and is in eighth grade. His good attitude towards everything makes him an absolute joy to be around, and he is also very handy and dependable. In the future, he wants to work for Martin Tree Service, which is the business that his father owns.

The reason he wants to work with his dad is because he looks up to his father and shares some of the same interests as him, such as working outside. He has a great knowledge of the outdoors and is good at operating machinery. He has a passion for nature and believes that it should be nourished. He would also be good at this job because he is a very hard worker, especially when he is doing something he likes. He knows how to use tools and machinery very well – he can build things, plant things, and fix things. Timothy has the potential to have a great career and may even take over his dad’s business when he is old enough, which he would be good at because he is very smart and good at managing money.

Timothy is bound for greatness in his future. Whether it is starting his own business or taking over his father’s, Timothy Martin will be an excellent servant of Christ everywhere he goes.

Written by: Arthur Hamilton


Jordis Patterson

8th Grade

Jordis Patterson is in eighth grade at HMS and is the daughter of David Patterson. On Sundays she attends Saint Stevens with her dad and her grandparents. Jordis is kind, cares about nature, and is great at playing the cello. Even though she has many special traits, her creative one shines the most.

Jordis loves to create crafts, music, jewelry and things made of clay, but she especially loves to create jewelry and crafts. Jordis has a hobby making jewelry and putting it for sale on Etsy. Jordis got her inspiration to make jewelry from participating in a club with one of her middle school teachers. When she gets older, she even wants to open a craft store called Scribble.

Jordis is not just creative with wire and beads. She makes little objects out of clay, too. She does not have a specific focus when she’s molding the clay; she just creates whatever she wants, though she likes to make little animals and other things like that. Jordis has a creative streak for sure, and she intends to use it throughout her life.

Jordis Patterson is an extremely creative person using wire, beads and tools to make necklaces and bracelets. Using clay and her fingers, she makes amazing things. God gave her an amazing gift, and she uses it as much as she can.

Written by: Anastasia Poplavskyy