Hinkletown Mennonite School


Kara Burkholder

7th Grade

Kara Burkholder is one of the kindest and artistically talented students at Hinkletown Mennonite School. Kara is a 7th grader at Hinkletown Mennonite School and also attends Hinkletown Mennonite Church with her parents, Chad and Deb Burkholder, her brother Drew, and her sister, Kate. Kara has lots of interests, including volleyball and art, but the one she loves most is art.

Kara Burkholder is an amazing artist. She loves to paint and to draw whenever she isn’t doing schoolwork, homework, or volleyball. The thing that Kara likes most about art is that she can express her feelings and do whatever her hands want her to do. Kara also enjoys art because she can write or draw what she is imagining. To no surprise, one of Kara’s favorite subjects in school is art. One of Kara’s favorite projects in art class was the starry night project in first grade. She enjoyed that project because she got to use oil pastels and water color paint. When Kara grows up, she wants to become a middle school art teacher.

Kara is a really fun person to hang out with, especially when she creates something that is worth hanging up in our school or even in an art museum. Hopefully in the future Kara will be able to follow her dreams and become a middle school art teacher.

Written by: Hadassah Knowles


Allie Murillo

7th Grade

Allie Murillo is a sweet and caring thirteen-year-old who has attended Hinkletown Mennonite School for eight years, and is now in seventh grade. She attends Weaverland Church with her parents, Leah and Martin Murillo, her younger brother Andre, and her older brother Alex. Allie loves helping people and animals, and she proves that in all the activities she does.

Allie wants to be a cook at Garden Spot Village when she is older so that she will be able to help people who need it while doing what she loves. If she does not become a cook, Allie would like to walk dogs and help people take care of their dogs. She has been inspired to work at Garden Spot Village by her mom, who works there right now, and she wants to be like her. Allie has gotten closer to that dream by cooking for her family when her parents are sleeping or busy.

Allie has had to deal with many difficult times in her life, but that does not stop her from doing what she loves. On January 10, 2020, her cousin that she was very close to, passed away, and then not even three months later, on March 29, 2020, her sweet dog passed away. All of this made her very sad, but she still held her head up high, and trusted that God would lead her through it all.

Allie is an amazing friend, and a talented thirteen-year-old, who knows how to bring others up in the name of Jesus.

Written by: Madi Ament


Kyle Denlinger

8th Grade

He jumps. He shoots. He scores! But who is this amazing player? His name is Kyle Denlinger, an 8th grader at Hinkletown Mennonite School. Kyle is one of three children born to Brian and Renita Denlinger. Kyle is the middle child of the family, with his older sister, Kira, and his younger sister, Katie. His family attends Weaverland Anabaptist Faith Community on Sundays. But, outside of the churchyard, Kyle is an all out sportsman.

Kyle likes to watch football but will play any sport that is in season. He plays goalie for the Hinkletown boys’ soccer team. When he’s not blocking shots out on the field, however, Kyle likes to play table games with his family. He is especially good at Settlers of Catan and the card game Hoss. Being as active and social as he is, anyone can guess that Kyle is a good team player. Even his teammates see that. “He’s very good – probably the best player on our team,” says Jason Cassel, one of Kyle’s teammates.

Surely, Kyle is destined for a great and happy life ahead. Watch out for him on the national soccer or basketball teams!

Written by: Owen Chase


Andy Coronado

7th Grade

If someone were to ask who is the most talkative, outgoing person in 7th grade at Hinkletown Mennonite School, the answer would probably be Andy Coronado. Andy, one of two sons of Saul and Tania Coronado, attends Hope of the Nations Christian Church. He likes to dance and swim, and he hopes to be a doctor when he grows up, but his most noticeable aspect is his lively personality.

Andy is very expressive and willing to share his opinion on just about anything. He knows almost everyone at HMS well and makes conversations anywhere and everywhere. Because of this, he is friends with many of the students and teachers, even though his home is one of the farthest from his school. He is also probably the funniest person in class, and makes hilarious jokes and laughs all the time. According to Mr. Horning, “It is so nice to see Andy’s smile and hear his laugh each morning.”

One other thing about Andy that many people notice is how helpful he is. He is often willing to assist others by carrying books or other things for them and likes to help others if they are struggling with homework. His uniquely funny, open personality and helpfulness are probably some of the reasons why he is well known throughout the school as a good friend and a kind person.

Written by: Kai Umble


Rachel Landes

8th Grade

“What is your personality type?” may be one of the first things that Rachel Landes will ask someone she meets. She is an eighth grader at Hinkletown Mennonite School. Her dad and mom are Chris and Dawn Landes, and they attend Habecker Mennonite Church. She has an adorable cat named Dobby and really likes to study personalities, draw, and write stories. Rachel’s personality type is INFJ and 4 wing 5, and one of her favorite past times is figuring out the personality type of everyone at school.

Rachel Landes is a great friend and is always there to give a personality test if someone is curious what their type is. She wants to make sure that everyone knows, though, that a person’s personality type does not define them, it is just what they most closely relate to. If someone ever wants to know more about personality types, Rachel will always be there to inform them, and tell them what their type is too. Her favorite personality type test is the Myers Brigg Test Indicator. Her second favorite is the Enneagram. Rachel can also give people a personality test herself.

Along with personality types, she also enjoys playing her instruments. Rachel says that people who are an INFJ and 4 wing 5 are very artistic, which is true in Rachel’s case. She loves to play the ukulele, piano, and the guitar. She has also written some songs and enjoys listening to music. Her favorite song is “Oceans” by Hillsong United. Like her personality type suggests, Rachel is not only good at music, she is also really good at art and loves to draw and paint.

Rachel hopes to use her talents in the future, where she might be an artist or musician part-time. She is a great friend and someone that people should definitely get to know.

Written by: Kirsten Hess


Kezia Burkholder

8th Grade

Kezia Burkholder is the artistic gymnast and maybe-ambulance paramedic who is in the eighth grade class at Hinkletown Mennonite School. Her parents are Christine and Durell Burkholder, and Kezia has three siblings. Currently, Kezia and her family are switching around churches, trying to find the one that is right for them. Kezia has a cat named Kit-Kat, though her favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids or Skittles. Some of her favorite things to do are gymnastics and art. Kezia is artistic and flexible, but her best quality is that she is able to deal with tough things.

Kezia does gymnastics and trains herself at home. She loves to contort herself into the different gymnastic positions. Gymnastics can be tough, but Kezia is able to persevere through almost any challenge it throws at her.

The same is true of her art. She likes to draw creatures, landscapes, and quotes with decorations and weird doodles around them. Kezia tries to make her drawings “look as weird as possible,” but even when attempting this, obstacles can arise. Kezia is able to continue on until her drawings are as good as she can make them.

This perseverance and ability to deal with tough things and situations are great qualities, and Kezia would use them well as an ambulance paramedic. Even though Kezia isn’t totally sure what she wants to be when she grows older, she thinks being a paramedic would be cool, and she would help save lives. With her cool head in tough situations, Kezia would be great at the job.

No matter what career Kezia pursues, her perseverance, cool head, and ability to deal with tough situations will take her far wherever she chooses to go.

Written by: Melina Beidler


Audrey Hoover

7th Grade

Meet Audrey Hoover, third daughter of Mr. Jason and Mrs. Jess Hoover. Audrey is a compassionate 7th grader at Hinkletown Mennonite School who attends Carpenter Community Church along with her parents and three siblings. Audrey is a very friendly, smart, and outgoing person who enjoys doodling, writing short stories, singing, babysitting, and participating in school plays. When she isn’t being creative, Audrey can be found on the soccer field or volleyball court passionately cheering her teammates on. Her favorite school subject is math, and she would love to travel to another country on a school mission trip. She does not have any plans for her future career, but shows signs of possibly becoming an aspiring actress or story writer.

Audrey loves the arts and cannot wait for this year’s school drama production. Audrey also loves singing, so she obviously does not get stage fright easily. She loves being onstage and practicing her many talents. Another possibility for a future career would be combining her love of acting and writing and becoming a screenwriter of movies or plays. She likes little kids, and along with her interest in authoring stories, she might one day become an accomplished children’s book writer.

As Dr. Seuss once said, “Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive more youer than you.” Although she has yet to decide what she wants to be when she grows up, there are many career options and opportunities to choose from when you are a girl with many talents. Like Dr. Seuss said, Audrey is Audrey no matter what, and no one can take that away from her.

Written by: Lucia Chase


Miles Rissler

8th Grade

Miles Rissler is the son of Bob and Debby Rissler. He has a loving family with two brothers, William and Benji. He goes to Hinkletown Mennonite School and he is in 8th grade there. He attends Bowmansville Mennonite Church every Sunday morning. His family has three cats, Chip, Boots, and Rain. On top of having cats, Miles also likes Guinea pigs; in fact Miles says that “they are the best animal in the world!” Miles’ favorite color is orange and his favorite food is fried chicken spaghetti with lots of unnecessary cheese. In Miles’ spare time he likes to play all types of video games.

Miles loves to play video games because it is good entertainment and he is very good at them. Some of his favorite games are Minecraft, Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Mario Bros. His favorite game is Starbound. He also has a bunch of different gaming systems: the GameCube, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, a computer, and an Oculus. Another thing Miles likes to do on the computer is Scratch and other coding. Miles enjoys coding so much that he thinks that coding might be his future career.

After Miles graduates from 8th grade, he will be coming back to Hinkletown Mennonite School for the high school Venture Program. Then after that, Miles will try to head on to college to learn about coding in more detail.

Written by: Jason Cassel