Lititz Area Mennonite School


Annika Bollinger

8th Grade

Annika Bollinger is an eighth grader at Lititz Area Mennonite School. She is a very good and consistent student. Annika’s favorite class is Bible class because she loves learning about God and His Word. She loves the story of Esther because she is so brave and courageous in difficult times. Annika’s favorite thing about school is hanging out with all of her friends. Annika participates in soccer and participated in volleyball in the fall. She is very athletic and excels at both sports.

When Annika graduates, she plans to get a good job. When she isn’t at school, Annika can be found playing soccer, riding horses, or laughing with friends (Annika LOVES to laugh!). She attends Cocalico Community Church regularly and helps out in the nursery there. Annika feels that her greatest accomplishment in life so far is getting through elementary and middle school, and she is ready to hit Cocalico High School head-on. If she were able to change one thing in the world today, Annika would end world hunger. Annika admires her parents because they make good choices and love her unconditionally. Annika is a very kind, fun, and hard-working student!

Written by: Charlotte Nightingale


Molly Fisher

7th Grade

Molly Fisher is a thirteen year old seventh grader at Lititz Area Mennonite School. Molly is caring, optimistic, and is always smiling. She likes school because she can hang out with her friends. She also participates in choir, volleyball, and basketball. In her free time, Molly enjoys playing with her siblings, texting, playing the trumpet, and most of all, rooting for her favorite basketball team, the Golden State Warriors, and her favorite player, Steph Curry. Molly is allegedly Steph Curry’s biggest fan.

Molly attends Lititz United Methodist Church with her dad’s family, LCBC with her mom’s family, and she goes to youth group at Manheim Brethren in Christ on Wednesdays. Molly accepted Christ into her life when she was 8 at Faith Bible Church VBS. Her biggest role model in her life was her Pop-Pop, David Allen. He taught her how to play the trumpet, and gave her his trumpet. He was very influential in Molly’s life. He passed away in 2017.

If Molly could change one thing in the word, it would be to make abortion illegal, because every life is valuable and God created each of us for a purpose. So far, the best thing Molly has accomplished is when she entered the Lion’s Club Peace Poster Contest, and placed 2nd in the Lancaster Lebanon 14D, and 1st at LAMS. Molly is not sure where she is going to high school yet, but she knows one day she would like to become a NICU nurse, because her sister was in the NICU for four days.

Written by: Kaylie Horst


Maggie Allen

6th Grade

Maggie Allen is twelve years old and attends sixth grade at Lititz Area Mennonite School. Her parents’ names are Jeremy and Cara. She has two brothers and a sister who also attend LAMS. Her brothers’ names are Micah and Malachi, and her sister’s name is Moriah. She has a pet cat named Bronco. Her favorite part of school is being able to be with friends and being able to socialize. Her favorite subjects in school are Language Arts and Science because we do fun activities and experiments. Maggie is also in our school’s Academic Enrichment Program. She is a narrator in our school’s drama, The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, art, baking, and field hockey. Maggie plays defense on a field hockey team, the Norlanco Stix. She also plays the piano.

Maggie’s favorite songs are from The Greatest Showman album. Her favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach at her uncle’s beach house. She attends Cocalico Community Church. Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This is her favorite verse because it encourages her to keep on going. If Maggie could solve one problem in the world, she would cure cancer because she knows people who are affected by cancer.

Written by: Allison Bruckhart


Leah Grube

8th Grade

Leah Grube is an eighth grader at Lititz Area Mennonite School. She lives with her parents Kenny and Renee Grube and her three siblings, who all attend LAMS as well. The thing that Leah likes most about school is being with her friends and making memories with them. Leah’s favorite class in school is Art. This is her favorite class because she likes to be creative. Leah attends Faith Journey Church. In her spare time, Leah enjoys riding her horse Ace, drawing, reading, and spending time with her family. Leah’s hobbies are horseback riding, hunting, and swimming. So far in her life, Leah feels that her two greatest accomplishments are being a part of a church plant and being in a horse show. If Leah was able to change something about the world today, she would get rid of diseases or world hunger. After completing eighth grade, Leah plans to do either cyber school or home school for high school. One person Leah admires is Justine Palmer. Leah admires her because she is really amazing and nice, and she doesn’t swear. She loves God and horses which is what Leah looks for in someone.

Written by: Elsie Martin


Ezekiel Oberholtzer

8th Grade

Ezekiel Oberholtzer is 13 and is an eighth grade student this year at Lititz Area Mennonite School. This month, like other past months, the next student of the month has been selected. This month, Ezekiel was chosen for his positive character, and his hard work at the LAMS middle school.

Ezekiel has one sister and brother, both of which are younger than him. His role model is his father, who teaches him about how to live a good life. One of his favorite things in school is the electives classes held during seventh period every Thursday. The three electives he either has been or will be involved in this year include computer coding, chess club, and ceramics and sketching. His favorite class is also art, so it would make sense he chose those electives.

Other after school activities he partakes in are baseball, archery, and the LAMS choir. Outside of school, some of Ezekiel’s hobbies are collecting coins, reading books, and video gaming.

Ezekiel attends New Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, and plans on going to Ephrata Mennonite High School after graduating from LAMS. He was asked what the one thing in the world was that he would change today. As one of the larger issues with our world today which has always been a struggle to fight, he responded with the world having no disease.

Written by: James Esbenshade


Weston Martin

6th Grade

Weston Martin is a sixth grader at Lititz Area Mennonite School. He is eleven years old and enjoys science and social studies. Weston lives in Ephrata and his friends call him “Big Wes.” When he goes outside he likes hunting, fishing, and playing games outside. When he is at home he likes to play with his dog and do other stuff around the house.

He goes to White Oak Church of the Brethren and his parents’ names are Trulan and Katrina Martin. He has one older brother named Lance and a younger sister named Jazlyn. Weston is in band and it is his third year playing trumpet. He also enjoys playing sports. Some of his favorites are basketball, football, soccer, and baseball. LAMS’ soccer season just ended and Weston played defense for the team. He can’t wait until basketball season starts because last year the B-team was undefeated! The team’s new coach is actually from Weston’s church. Weston loves his school and everyone there.

Written by: Maison Martin


Madison Weaver

7th Grade

Madison Weaver is a 13-year-old girl who attends seventh grade at Lititz Area Mennonite School. She has an older brother and sister. She also has two bunnies and a hamster named Carb. Her favorite animal is a Border Collie. Madison’s favorite author is James Herriot, and her favorite food is Subway subs. Her favorite subjects in school are Art and Science. She especially enjoys Art because it is fun and she enjoys being with her friends there.

Madison participates in volleyball and the spring drama. Last year, Madison played the role of a baby spider and a spectator in the school’s production of Charlotte’s Web. She plans on attending Ephrata High School after she graduates from LAMS. When she grows up, she wants to pursue her dream of becoming a biologist.

Madison enjoys dirtbiking, playing volleyball, and hanging out with friends. In her spare time, she feeds her animals and enjoys going outdoors. She attends Ephrata Community Church as well as the youth group there every Sunday night. If Madison could change anything in the world, she would make the environment more stable.

Madison admires her cousin Rylee because she is supportive and hilarious. Madison’s greatest achievement in life so far is getting on the distinguished honor roll at her school. Madison is a super intelligent girl and a loyal friend. She always encourages people to follow God.

Written by: Suzanna Levengood


Davin Miller

8th Grade

Davin Miller is an eighth grader at Lititz Area Mennonite School. He is a really competitive guy who likes to beat others at everything, including math test grades. He loves LAMS because it is a Christian school. Physical Education is his favorite class, mainly because he loves playing sports, especially baseball and basketball. He is the point guard for the basketball team. When Davin graduates, he wants to become a sports analyst.

Davin enjoys other outside activities, such as swimming, playing football, and hunting. His favorite book is Last Shot by John Feinstein. He admires Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz because he is a Christian and because he is a really good football player. Davin attends Erb Mennonite Church and he wishes that missionaries would be allowed in all the countries of the world so that everyone could have the chance to hear about Jesus.

Davin was born with a blood condition called hemophilia.  Hemophilia is what happens when you are born without a certain factor in your blood. Davin is missing factor eight. An IV inserts the medicine that has the factor into his veins. Davin’s missing factor in his blood means that he shouldn’t be allowed to play any contact sports, but as you read above, that never stopped him. He never let anything stop him from doing anything, and that is what makes Davin Miller so special.

Written by: Micah Allen