Lititz Area Mennonite School


Braden Zimmerman

8th Grade

Braden Zimmerman is an 8th grader who’s currently attending Lititz Area Mennonite School (LAMS). After LAMS, he will be attending Warwick High School. After Warwick, he is planning to help his dad with his construction business. His favorite thing about doing school is that (even from home) he gets to see and talk with his friends. His favorite class in school is Science because he likes to do experiments and do hands-on activities. Braden is now going to Lancaster Evangelical Free Church (LEFC). Outside of school, Braden plays soccer for and is in the LEFC youth group. In Braden’s spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, riding dirtbike, and hanging out with friends and family. Braden’s hobbies are swimming, dirt biking, soccer, and wakeboarding. If Braden could change a world wide danger, it would be ending world hunger. Because “no one deserves to starve.” Braden also confidently says that accepting Christ Jesus and getting baptized were his greatest achievements in life. Braden’s role model in life is his dad because “he’s a loving and hard-working person,” he says, “he also loves God.” Braden is a humorous, hard-working, amazing teenager and he is loved by many people.

Written by: Bryant Auker


Kara Hoover

8th Grade

Kara Hoover is an eighth grader who goes to school at Lititz Area Mennonite School (LAMS), she’s 14 and the church she attends is Millway Mennonite. For high school, Kara will be homeschooled, which she is looking forward to. Her favorite sports teams are any teams that are Philadelphia-based, and golf is her least favorite sport. At school, Kara enjoys talking and hanging out with friends during the day. She likes the personal relationships at LAMS and the sense of community. One of Kara’s favorite memories of LAMS is from a field trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, where they were stuck for two hours after an unfortunate bus mishap, which ultimately ended in a long-lasting memory. The class Kara most looks forward to is Physical Education, and she likes playing volleyball whenever possible. Outside of school, Kara likes hunting and playing or watching sports (with the exception of golf). She also enjoys listening to country music. If Kara could go or live anywhere, it would be someplace in the mountains, because she enjoys nature and being around it. When asked what she would most like to change about the world, Kara brought up poverty, saying that “everyone should have enough food to eat.”

Written by: Kayla Risser


Jordan Weitzel

7th Grade

Jordan Weitzel currently attends Lititz Area Mennonite School and was picked for student of the month. He also attends Highpoint Church where he continues to grow in Christ. His favorite class is L.A. because it’s fun. So far this school year, Jordan has played basketball and soccer. His hobbies are soccer, basketball, fishing, and hunting. In his spare time, Jordan plays basketball and video games. As well as being very good at sports, he’s also academically smart. Jordan earned straight A’s on his recent report card which landed him a spot on the distinguished honor roll. In the future, Jordan is planning to go to Warwick High School. If there was something that Jordan could change in the world today, it would be abortion. He would like to end abortion because babies are human and made in God’s image. Jordan admires his parents because they raised him to be a good man. They taught him about Jesus and the importance of respect. Jordan has a younger brother named Tristan and an older sister named Alexis. One of Jordan’s favorite Bible verses is Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Jordan is so glad that he grew up in a Christian family. He is also glad that he had the opportunity to go to a Christian school, where he learns something new each and every day.

Written by: Braden Zimmerman


Lydia Sensenig

6th Grade

Lydia Sensenig is a 12 year old 6th grader who attends Lititz Area Mennonite School. Her favorite color is mint green. Lydia has 3 siblings, Owen who is 16 years old, Bella who is 13 years old, and Brett who is 9 years old. Lydia’s favorite Bible verse is Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.” Lydia’s favorite thing about school is spending time with friends. Her favorite class is Language Arts because she likes her teacher and enjoys reading. Lydia participates in drama and worship team. She plays piano and participated in the school’s fall volleyball team. After she graduates from middle school, she plans on going to Manheim Central and joining their volleyball team. In Lydia’s spare time she enjoys singing, reading, and playing volleyball. Lydia goes to church at LEFC. She likes to draw, write, and play sports. If Lydia were to change something in the world it would be abortion, because she believes that killing babies before they have the chance to live is wrong. Lydia feels that her greatest accomplishment is being on the honor roll and winning a volleyball game. Lydia admires her dad because he started his own business. She also admires her mom because she does a lot for their family.

Written by: Emma Sauder


Allison Bruckhart

7th Grade

Get to know Allison Bruckhart, student of the month at Lititz Area Mennonite School. Allison’s favorite class is Language Arts because she has a great teacher that makes learning interesting. Allison has one older sister named Jessica and a German Shepherd puppy named Georgia. Allison goes to Middle Creek Church and is involved in their junior high youth group. She is on the LAMS archery team, middle school choir, worship team, she takes piano lessons, and plans to participate in the middle school spring drama. The thing she likes most about LAMS is being able to talk with friends. After Allison graduates, she plans to go to Manheim Central. She enjoys listening to music. Her favorite artists are For King and Country, Lauren Daigle, and Francesca Battistelli. If Allison’s not at school you could find her playing with her puppy, riding horses, or building things out of LEGOs. Allison admires Joni Eareckson Tada because even though she is paralyzed she trusts God to take care of her. If Allison could change one thing in the world, it would be to stop smoking and drinking because smoking gives you lung cancer, and drinking makes your head not work properly. Allison’s greatest accomplishment in her life is being on the honor roll.

Written by: Abigail Zimmerman


Trevor Nolt

6th Grade

Trevor Nolt is a positive, hard working, honest, sixth grader that attends Lititz Area Mennonite School. During school Trevor enjoys hanging out with the friends he has made over the years at LAMS. He also is an outstanding student that loves to do hands-on activities in science and other classes. Trevor is involved in the student council, band, Academic Enrichment Program (AEP), archery, and basketball. After Trevor graduates from LAMS he is planning to be a positive influence at Ephrata High School or continue being a good influence at the LAMS, Collaborative Academy. When Trevor is not busy at school he likes to have fun with his family, play trombone, and watch the Eagles and other football games along with baseball. Trevor can also be seen going to Hinkletown Mennonite Church with his family.

When asked what his greatest accomplishment was so far Trevor firmly replied by saying that accepting Jesus and becoming a Christian is his greatest accomplishment and always will be. When asked the question, if you were to change something in the world today, what would it be and why? Trevor answered by saying he would rid the world of poverty, because people who live in poverty don’t have the basic necessities for life and that is not what God wants for people.

Trevor is a distinguished friend and great servant. Anyone who doesn’t know Trevor Nolt is missing out.

Written by: Caleb Zimmerman


Elvin Martin

8th Grade

Guess who the student of the month is at LAMS this month? It is Elvin Martin. Elvin goes to Lititz Area Mennonite School, also known as LAMS. One of his favorite classes is math. He likes it because it is easy for him to understand and he enjoys being fast at it. Two other things that Elvin likes about school are extracurricular activities and the social life at LAMS. Elvin plans on participating in the middle school drama and in baseball. Elvin would like to become a welder after he graduates. Two of Elvin’s favorite things to do in his free time are, to go outdoors and play with his siblings, but he also likes playing video games. Another hobby of Elvin’s is putting puzzles together. Elvin attends church at Meckville Mennonite Church.

One thing that Elvin would like to do, if he could, would have all the people in the world become Christians so that everyone could go to Heaven and be happy. One of Elvin’s greatest accomplishments is becoming a Christian. One of the reasons that he chose this as an accomplishment is because now he can go to heaven. The person that Elvin looks up to is his dad. No surprise there, lots of people/kids look up to their dads. The reason that Elvin looks up to his dad is that his dad always does his best to do the right thing.

Written by: Michael Miller


Ella Trego

7th Grade

Ella Trego is 12 years old, in the 7th grade, and attends Lititz Area Mennonite School.

Ella would like to be homeschooled after LAMS but will most likely go to ELCO.

She has a brother named Tucker (9) and a sister named Layla (6). Ella’s favorite part of school is being with her friends, having PE class, and running around for ten minutes at flex/recess. Ella does not enjoy Math.

Ella attends Grace Point Church of the Nazarene. She plans to try out for the spring drama this year. Her hobbies include being outside, hunting, and playing with her dogs, Bear and Carly.

Ella’s favorite food is bacon pizza. She likes the color blue and the movie Facing the Giants. Ella’s favorite song is “You Say” by Lauren Daigle. Her favorite football team is the Eagles and her favorite player is Carson Wentz. She likes Carson because he leads the team in Christ. Ella really likes pigs because they make bacon and pork. If Ella were to ever get a pig she would name her pig Bacon.

Ella’s favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13 which says, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” She loves this verse because it is helpful and can lift your spirits when you feel down and alone.

Written by: Maggie Allen