Lititz Christian School


Eliza Mason


Eliza Mason is 17 years old and is a senior at Lititz Christian School. Eliza is the daughter of Matthew and Katherine Mason. Eliza has an older sister, Kyla who attends Lancaster Bible College and two younger siblings, Eddie and Lucy, who also attend Lititz Christian School. 

The things Eliza likes most about school is her math class with her teacher Mrs. Lauson, Anatomy and Physiology class with Mrs. Fox, playing the piano for the worship team during chapel and having the ability to build close relationships with people at the school. 

Eliza participates in many extracurricular activities including the varsity volleyball team, varsity basketball team, and is a part of the Student Leadership Committee at LCS. 

In her free time Eliza likes to practice the piano, go shopping, and spend time with friends and family. Eliza’s hobbies are mainly sports, playing the piano or anything involving music, singing, and hiking. 

After graduating, Eliza is attending Messiah University to study pre-medicine and possibly majoring in Biology or Chemistry. After college, she will attend medical school with the hopes of becoming a Neurologist. 

Eliza has enjoyed her time at Lititz Christian School but is excited to head to college in the fall.

Written by: Hayden Hilton

Afton- Senior

Afton Urquhart


Afton Urquhart, a senior at Lititz Christian School, was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  She is the daughter of Anna and Jonathan Urquhart and has two younger sisters, Ella and Aubrie. Afton is actively involved at Lititz Christian. She is a member of the student government and president of the LC chapter of the National Honor Society. This year she participated in a trip to France with the LC Foreign Language department, focusing on continuing to develop her French language skills. She has played volleyball and basketball for LC since 5th grade, and currently, she is a captain on the varsity volleyball and basketball teams. Theater has been a passion of Afton’s for as long as she can remember. She has played numerous roles in LC theater productions, including Lily St. James in Annie, Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest, and Miss Andrew in Mary Poppins. This year she will be playing the lead role of Jo March in the upcoming LC production of Little Women in April. Additionally, Afton has participated in the PMEA county and district choir festivals for the past 2 years. It should come as no surprise that Afton’s favorite class in school is theater. She is passionate about acting and all the facets and logistics that go into each production. Speaking about theater, Afton admires Lin-Manuel Miranda because of his relentless creativity and drive to create. 

In her free time, Afton enjoys playing guitar, cooking, practicing photography, traveling, and attending different local theater shows. Afton currently is a barista at Copper Cup, and she attends Calvary Church in Lancaster. If Afton could change anything in the world she would work to change “the patriarchal values and gender norms of our society”. After graduation, Afton plans to attend One Life Institute–a gap year program in West Virginia.

Written by: Donnie Rogers


Eddie Vega


Eddie Vega is a senior at Lititz Christian School and son of Edwardo and Arely Vega. He works at Appalachian Brewing Company of Lititz. 

He is a member at Life in Christ Church, where he plays the drums on the worship team. 

Eddie is very involved at Lititz Christian School. He plays soccer, basketball and has participated in the spring musical. He is part of the school’s student-led worship team. Eddie is excited to be taking Forensics this semester with Mrs. Fox, LCS high school science teacher. He is also excited to take advantage of the senior privilege, Open Campus, where students can leave school early. 

After graduation, Eddie plans to attend River School of Worship in Tampa, Florida. In his spare time, he likes to focus on music and he even makes his own beats. 

If he could change one thing in the world today he would make racism not a thing in the world. 

An accomplishment he is pretty fond of is that he became the self-appointed president of SALT – Lititz Christian School’s Student Advocate Leadership Team.

Written by: Imani Titter


Imani Titter


Imani Titter, born in Trenton, New Jersey, is 17 years old, and she is a senior at Lititz Christian School. Imani is the daughter of Shelly and Gary Titter. Along with Imani’s loving parents she has five siblings, two of which are adopted including herself. Her siblings in order of oldest to youngest are Bailey (23), Mazzy (21), Christopher (18), Xavier (14), and Annie (10). 

She has been attending LCS since 10th grade, and since then she has participated in many extracurricular activities such as basketball, volleyball, and the school musical. In the school musical, Mary Poppins, Imani was part of the ensemble and she also played the Bird Woman. 

What Imani enjoys most about school is being with her friends who love and appreciate her. Her favorite class so far has been Psychology because she enjoyed how the class was taught. 

Imani attends Faith Bible Fellowship church on Sundays and Wednesdays for youth group where she spends more time with her friends and strengthens her faith. 

In her free time she enjoys listening to music, practicing piano, and expressing herself through art with her mom who she greatly admires. 

After high school, Imani plans to become a preschool teacher where she can show her love to lead and educate young minds.

Written by: Eddie Vega


Angie Scanlan


Angie Scanlan, daughter of Rebecca Morris and Kevin Scanlan, is a kind-hearted and hard-working senior at Lititz Christian School. She enjoys learning new things and being with her friends. At LCS she is a part of the varsity girls volleyball and basketball teams that have done very well in the past years. She is also a member of the National Honor Society and Spanish National Honor Society which require a lot of dedication and hard work. Out of many accomplishments she is most proud of being a two time district champion and getting to the state quarterfinals with the volleyball team. Outside of school she spends her time hanging out with her friends and family, playing volleyball, and attending the youth group at Calvary Church. As she is reaching the end of high school she is looking into attending Messiah University to get her Masters degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. In all of this she is very thankful to her mom and admires her for everything she does, especially how she loves Jesus with her whole heart. Finally, if there is one thing that Angie could change in the world it would be that every person got to know the love of Jesus.

Written by: Josiah Lapp


Josiah Lapp


Josiah Lapp, son of Amos and Anna Lapp, is a senior at Lititz Christian School who loves school. He states that his love of school stems from his love for his friends, who make it worth all the hard work. His favorite “classes” are lunch and recess primarily because he can eat good food, play some games, and spend time with his friends. (Although he also enjoys history.) 

He is involved in a host of extracurricular activities at LC: soccer, basketball, baseball, choir, worship arts, National Honor Society, and student council. In his spare time, Joey likes to play baseball with his family, draw, play disc golf, and hang out with his dog Kevin. He goes to a small church called the Open Door Tabernacle, located in Stevens, PA.

Joey’s biggest accomplishment in life is running 10 miles in one day after completing a 120-mile backpacking trip in 10 days. 

If he could change one thing in the world today, it would be that every child could have a safe and loving home, similar to the love that Jesus shows us. He admires his parents because of their strong work ethic and for teaching him that he should not work for his own gain, but for the glory of God. 

After Joey graduates he plans to go to OneLife, a Christian gap-year program. From there he plans to follow wherever the Lord is leading him next.

Written by: Angie Scanlan


Donald Rogers


Donnie Rogers, age 18, is the son of Don and Krista Rogers and has been attending Lititz Christian School since 2015.  He enjoys taking history classes, particularly the political science course he’s taking this year. He has played basketball for LCS since middle school and is a steady contributor to the LC men’s varsity basketball team. Donnie is also a boy scout, belonging to Troop 142 out of St. James Church. He appreciates the leadership skills and practical life applications he has learned from his involvement in scouts. He recently became an Eagle Scout and his Eagle Scout project was painting fire hydrants in the local community. 

After high school, he is planning to be a volunteer firefighter and would like to go into the fields of either marketing or computer programming. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and working out. He also dabbles in snowboarding. Donnie attends Lancaster Seventh Day Adventist and is one of the sound technicians for the services there. Donnie admires Ronald Reagan because “he was a very good president with good values and leadership skills.”

Written by: Afton Urquhart


Hayden Forbes


Hayden Forbes, the son of Dustin and Ashely Forbes, is in his second year attending Lititz Christian School. His favorite thing about LCS is how easy it was to first make friends because of all the kind students and awesome teachers. History class is one of Hayden’s favorite things about school. He loves learning about how different wars began and the affects of history in our world today. In Hayden’s spare time he enjoys playing soccer for the LCS Boys Varsity soccer team, playing video games, and listening to music. Hayden also has an interest in building things and enjoys woodworking as a hobby. He is actively involved in ConnectUS in Lititz, the church he attends every Sunday with his family. After high school, Hayden plans on attending the police academy, in hopes of becoming a police officer in the future. 

One of Hayden’s role models is Pastor Ross Dunk, who runs the weekly chapel at Lititz Christian School. He admires all the effort that Pastor Ross puts into teaching and leading the students of LCS towards Christ. Pastor Ross has had a big, positive impact on Hayden’s relationship with God and has inspired him to do the same with others.

Written by: Eliza Mason