Lititz Christian School


Andrew Hoover


Andrew Hoover has been attending Lititz Christian for fourteen years. Andrew is a highly intelligent and dedicated student. He excels in all his classes, which have consisted of many honors and dual credit courses. He is a loyal and caring friend that can give any stressful situation a light hearted solution. Andrew is involved in his family church, New Joy in Ephrata, where he volunteers in children’s ministries and Vacation Bible School (VBS). 

In Andrew’s time at LC he has participated in rock climbing, chess club (in which he was ranked number one), leadership, and yearbook. Additionally, in the spring of 2021, Andrew played the lead role in Lititz Christian’s musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Talking and spending time with his friends is what makes school so enjoyable for Andrew. Outside of school he enjoys reading some of his favorite mystery novels, playing video games, and playing chess. 

Andrew has been excited for senior year because part of the LC curriculum involves a yearlong course in psychology. Andrew’s plans after high school are to attend Grove City College and earn a major in psychology. Someone whom Andy respects and looks up to is Mr. Ross McCracken, an LC high school gym teacher and coach (along with other leadership roles at Lititz Christian). Andrew admires Mr. Ross for his humility and strong drive to do everything he does to the best of his ability.

Written by: Maria Fisher


Stephen Christner


Stephen Christner is a senior at Lititz Christian School, where he has been attending Lititz Christian since second grade. Stephen’s favorite thing about Lititz Christian School are the friends, teachers, and people he has met at the school. He engages in many extracurricular activities such as soccer, basketball, and the school yearbook team. He has also participated in both the chess club and volleyball in the past. 

In his spare time, Stephen enjoys playing soccer and basketball; he also enjoys reading and eating food. Additionally, Stephen is involved in the National Honors Society, participates in the youth group at Grace Church, and attends the Worship Center each Sunday. If Stephen was able to change one thing about the world he would either make everything warmer or have the ability to make everything taste like cookies. When asked who he admires, Stephen mentions Steve Weaver (his youth group leader), adding that Steve is very strong in his faith and encouraging to those around him. Stephen was a starting captain on the basketball and soccer teams in his junior year and eagerly anticipates another great year of basketball his senior year. After graduating from Lititz Christian School, he plans to go to college in order to study either sports marketing or sports statistics.

Written by: Andrew Hoover


Nathaniel Miller


Smart, loyal and compassionate would be three words to describe Nathaniel Miller, a senior at Lititz Christian School. He enjoys hanging out with friends as well as biking, exploring, and many other hobbies such as drawing, building LEGOS, and playing video games with his older brother Christian. His closest confidante, Andrew Alan, was his best friend from birth. Nathan enjoys Mod Pizza, as well as Five Guys and Friendly’s. 

Classmates would say Nathan is very intelligent, comical, and diligent. He enjoys history and English – two of his favorite subjects in school. Looking forward to college, Nathan is unsure of his major, but he does know he wants to go to college.  Eventually, he wants to go into student ministry whether that means college or some type of internship. In the future, Nathan wants a family and aspires to be a loving and good role model for his children. His hardworking and supportive nature towards others will help him succeed in these endeavors.

Written by: Delia Reinfried


Kyiah Flahive


Kyiah Flahive is a junior at Lititz Christian School. She not only works hard in school, but also in her sports and her hobbies. Her academic success can be credited to her effort, diligence, and attentiveness in the classroom, and she displays her creativity through her incredible skills as an artist and through her love of reading. Even with all of her skills in school, her sports teams prevail as her favorite part of attending LCS. She enjoys playing both basketball and volleyball, and considers “winning volleyball district champs two years in a row” her greatest accomplishment.

When she is not on the court or in the classroom, Kyiah loves caring for her twelve pets and participating in hobbies such as hiking, dog training, animal husbandry, and eating. She harbors a powerful love for animals, a hatred for poaching, and a desire to be a traveling vet after college. Anyone who knows Kyiah will say that she is not only independent, determined, and competitive, but also kind, caring, witty, and a great friend to have. She aspires to be like her mom, a “strong independent woman” who cares about her family.

After high school, Kyiah hopes to earn her undergraduate degree in biology before attending Penn Vet to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine. If Kyiah Flahive continues to work hard to pursue her dreams, she will definitely succeed in whatever she puts her mind to.

Written by: Noah Lawler