Lititz Christian School


Donald Rogers


Donnie Rogers, age 18, is the son of Don and Krista Rogers and has been attending Lititz Christian School since 2015.  He enjoys taking history classes, particularly the political science course he’s taking this year. He has played basketball for LCS since middle school and is a steady contributor to the LC men’s varsity basketball team. Donnie is also a boy scout, belonging to Troop 142 out of St. James Church. He appreciates the leadership skills and practical life applications he has learned from his involvement in scouts. He recently became an Eagle Scout and his Eagle Scout project was painting fire hydrants in the local community. 

After high school, he is planning to be a volunteer firefighter and would like to go into the fields of either marketing or computer programming. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and working out. He also dabbles in snowboarding. Donnie attends Lancaster Seventh Day Adventist and is one of the sound technicians for the services there. Donnie admires Ronald Reagan because “he was a very good president with good values and leadership skills.”

Written by: Afton Urquhart


Hayden Forbes


Hayden Forbes, the son of Dustin and Ashely Forbes, is in his second year attending Lititz Christian School. His favorite thing about LCS is how easy it was to first make friends because of all the kind students and awesome teachers. History class is one of Hayden’s favorite things about school. He loves learning about how different wars began and the affects of history in our world today. In Hayden’s spare time he enjoys playing soccer for the LCS Boys Varsity soccer team, playing video games, and listening to music. Hayden also has an interest in building things and enjoys woodworking as a hobby. He is actively involved in ConnectUS in Lititz, the church he attends every Sunday with his family. After high school, Hayden plans on attending the police academy, in hopes of becoming a police officer in the future. 

One of Hayden’s role models is Pastor Ross Dunk, who runs the weekly chapel at Lititz Christian School. He admires all the effort that Pastor Ross puts into teaching and leading the students of LCS towards Christ. Pastor Ross has had a big, positive impact on Hayden’s relationship with God and has inspired him to do the same with others.

Written by: Eliza Mason