Lititz Christian School


Janna White


In the two short years Janna White has been attending Lititz Christian School, she has developed valuable friendships and impacted the lives around her. Janna enjoys the teachers, her classmates, and the close knit community present at LCS. She loves hanging out with her friends and watching television. Her pastimes involve drawing comics and anything art-related. Art and forensics top her list of most enjoyable classes. Her favorite foods include pancakes and pizza; her favorite place to eat is Cracker Barrel. She regularly attends LCBC church and has a great love for Jesus. Janna loves to travel, and her dream vacation would be a trip to Bermuda. After graduation, she plans on heading into a career as an esthetician. If she could change anything about the world, it would be world hunger. She tries to live by the phrase, “Everyday is a new day.”

Written by: Isaiah Lapp


Jabez Krieser


Jabez Krieser is a senior at Lititz Christian School. He’s been attending the school since Kindergarten, being actively involved in soccer, volleyball, and choir. He was a very crucial player in all four years of his high school soccer career, showing perseverance in the back line of the defense. 

Jabez’s academic accomplishments have driven him to be a part of the National Honor Society. His favorite subject is business, which he believes to be applicable to his life and also enjoyable.

When asked what his plans are after high school, he said, “Go into trade work because of my family background in it, get married, and start a family of my own.”

Some of his hobbies are hunting, sports, and cars. He attends church at the Myerstown Charish Fellowship. Jabez’s passion for the Lord is sincere and pure. His wisdom of life as well as his desire to live with purpose is evident in his everyday walk. He will never pass up an opportunity to help someone, which shows his absolute humility and care for others. Hard work and commitment are also very apparent in Jabez’s life.

Overall, he is a very well-rounded individual with a kind and loving personality, always striving to live for Jesus.

Written by: Isaiah Lapp


Jack Christner


Jackson Christner is a senior at Lititz Christian School. He is a virtuous student and has a serving spirit. His Christlike character is proven through his conduct and studies.

He takes part in a myriad of school activities from working in the cafeteria during his open campus time, to taking part in almost every sport available.

His favorite part of school life is the friends and community that are within the school body. Jack’s favorite teacher is Eric Lewis, the high school Bible teacher and soccer coach.

Jack has also received honor roll and distinguished honor roll throughout his entire attendance at LCS. He takes part in the youth group at Grace Brethren Church, assists in the youth band, and operates the soundboard.

Jack is planning to take a gap year after high school in order to find his fitting and precise career. Jack brings a high amount of energy and comedy everywhere he goes with a generous and kind character.

Written by: Elijah Padulese


Sunshine Lewis


Sunshine Lewis is a senior at Lititz Christian School, she has created meaningful friendships with her peers and has managed the varsity soccer team. In school, she particularly enjoys forensics class, as she learns the various details and intriguing events are linked to solving a crime. The highlight of her achievements throughout her high school career is the transition from living in Baltimore, MD, to Lititz, PA, and rebuilding a new life after being adopted into a loving family of Lewis’s along with assimilating into a new educational environment with her friends at LCS. Because of such great influences, she has dreams of changing the justice and foster care system of the United States if given the ability to. Outside of classroom environments, she loves to spend time with her friends and family, along with working at Prussian Street Arcade after school. She plans to work with child-care after graduation. Now, she attends Grace Brethren Church of Manheim with her family. Sunshine looks up to Kelly Stout, a faculty member of Lititz Christian School, and admires her hard work to provide a heartwarming environment for kids and students. As a result, Sunshine hopes to be a devoted adult for children as she grows in Christ.

Written by: Alex Kim


Isaiah Lapp


Isaiah Lapp is a senior at Lititz Christian School who is a blast to be around and works hard toward what he wants. In school, Isaiah’s favorite class is Sports and Entertainment Marketing, which is applicable to his life and offers him fun with the other students and the teacher. “Spending time with my friends and my teachers is my favorite part of school.”

Isaiah enjoys hanging out with friends, playing basketball, soccer, and camping, but his main passion is film and photography. He is well known for his extremely successful YouTube channel, which recently reached 100,000 subscribers – a big milestone.

After graduating high school in the spring, Isaiah plans on attending One Life, which is a Christian based gap year program. Using his God given talents behind or in front of a camera, Isaiah hopes to find a profession that honors God and makes an impact in the film industry. Isaiah has a unique way to light up a room and make everyone laugh. His relatability, genuine care, fun loving attitude, and strong faith is Jesus Christ make him an amazing friend.

No matter what Isaiah does with his life, he is the kind of man who will find success and make numerous friends along the way.

Written by: Jabez Kreiser


Alex Kim


Alex Kim is a senior at Lititz Christian. He’s been attending Lititz Christian since seventh grade. During these few years, Alex has been proactive in pursuing his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer after graduating from college. He plans on submitting over twenty college applications; some include University of California, Georgia Tech, and Penn State.

He also has enjoyed his team member’s friendships and character-building qualities he experienced while playing basketball for his school.

One of Kim’s most valued accomplishments is living here in the United States, away from his parents, and finding who he truly is through his relationships with others and actions.

He hopes that he can revolutionize the automotive industry. He hopes that he can improve the performance of automobiles through new technology. Alex hopes that one day he can use AI to help increase performance in everyday life.

A life motto that Alex Kim lives by is “Honesty and truth is the key pillars to a strong relationship.”

Written by: Sunshine Lewis


Cassie Lee


Cassie Lee is a bubbly, outgoing senior at Lititz Christian School who has a genuine heart for people and looks to serve those around her. Cassie appreciates the friends that she has made at LCS where she has attended for six years. She likes having the opportunity to be a positive influence on those who are younger than her as she goes to school everyday.

Cassie is involved in the National Honor Society, yearbook, the worship team, and faithfully helps with the spring musical every year. After she graduates in the spring, Cassie will attend Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and looks forward to what else the future holds for her.

When she is not at school, Cassie enjoys watching Netflix, babysitting, and baking as well as cooking for her friends. She can be seen behind the register at Chipotle, where she works and enjoys serving at Camp Conquest. Cassie attends New Beginnings Charis Fellowship Church in Myerstown and Grace Lititz youth group.

When asked if there was anything in the world that she could change today, Cassie promptly responded with, “Gas prices!” She followed up by saying that she would change the judgmental, hypocritical stigma that comes with Christianity and the christian school. Cassie is not a big fan of school but she wants to be successful in the future and wants to honor God and her parents so she puts the work in and does her best.

Cassie Lee is hard working and compassionate to those around her and is a fantastic example of servant leadership. The world will be better off as Cassie graduates high school in the spring and moves on to the next chapter of her life.

Written by: Ethan Gerard

Head Silhouette

Ethan Gerard


Ethan Gerard is a senior at Lititz Christian School and has been attending the school for 14 years. Ethan is the type of student and friend who genuinely cares about his work and those around him.

Ethan’s friends describe him as a “cool guy,” “a good influence,” and “a genuinely great person.”

He has played soccer at LCS for 8 years. This year, Ethan is a captain of the Varsity soccer team and his positive attitude and sportsmanship shine on the field.

In the classroom, Ethan enjoys history and says he finds it, “very interesting, plus it is important to understand past mistakes in order to prevent them from happening again.” Outside of school, Ethan enjoys backpacking, doing ridiculous stuff with his friends, and loves making things with his hands.

He regularly attends Harvest Bible Church with his family and is involved with the youth group. This past summer, Ethan had the opportunity to join a missions team from Arms of Hope, located in Mt. Joy, in going to Ghana. During the 2 weeks, the team ran a summer camp for children from a slum. Ethan helped to ref soccer games and lead small groups. The trip helped Ethan realize that God’s plan is so much bigger than the little bubble that he lives in, and it taught him to be more thankful for the things God has blessed him with.

After high school, Ethan plans to take a gap year before joining the military and possibly becoming a paramedic or EMT. I have no doubt that Ethan will continue to influence those around him for the goodness of God no matter where he goes.

Written by: Cassie Lee