Lititz Christian School


Grace Gerard


Grace Gerard, daughter of Dr. Jeff and Julie Gerard, is a senior at Lititz Christian School who is well-loved and is a leader in the community. She is a hard worker who enjoys learning. Grace is involved in the National Honor Society, Student Government, and the Student Spiritual Life Leadership Team. She is currently the stage manager of the LC school musical. Grace states that her biggest accomplishment to date is, “maintaining good grades while taking challenging classes and having a very busy schedule.” She is an excellent volleyball player who won the District 3 Championship with the LC varsity volleyball team this year. Grace has loved playing volleyball at Lititz Christian because of the close community of the team, and she enjoys the competitiveness of the sport.  In her spare time, she loves to spend time with her family, put puzzles together, and eat food with friends. Grace attends Harvest Bible Church in Lancaster and considers the people there her family. She enjoys serving in the nursery at Church with her sister, Maddie. Grace greatly admires her sister as she is currently balancing a full-time job as a Special Ed teacher while going through Grad School. 

Gerard plans to attend One Life next year, which is a one-year program. After that, it is her desire to attend Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. There she would like to get her degree (and eventually her doctorate) in Marine Biology. She loves learning about nature and has a special interest in studying Sea Turtles.

Written by: Chloe Kriebel


Emilie Nissley


Emilie Nissley, the daughter of Leslie Nissley, is a senior at Lititz Christian School. She enjoys the opportunity to take classes that are both challenging and interesting to her, such as Physics, in her final year of high school. She enjoys Physics specifically because she says it pushes her academically, particularly because she wants to go into the field of aviation. She even claims her biggest accomplishment so far this year is acing a physics test!

Successful in her academics, she is currently a member of Lititz Christian’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Emilie participated in volleyball her junior year, and she is currently an active member of World Vision, supporting a child in Bolivia. She is a member of Lancaster County Bible Church (LCBC) and leads a group of 5th grade girls in their journey as growing Christians. In her free time, Emilie enjoys reading, painting, drawing, and spending time with her two dogs, family, and friends. She is currently taking flight lessons and her long-term goal is to join the Air Force to become a pilot. She admires her dad a lot, even though he passed away when she was seven. He was an amazing supporter and always there for her when she needed him. She said that she could always rely on him; and he was a strong and determined person. The memory of him will always be with her, and it has truly inspired her to become more like him.

Emilie is looking forward to her upcoming senior trip to Guatemala in the spring, and (of course) graduation.

Written by: Mayra Lawler


Jerry Jing


Jerry Jing is a kind-hearted, selfless individual who shines as bright as a vibrant and colorful beacon to inspire those that gaze upon his kindness and joy to the world. The sheer perfection that emanates from his body leads those to aspire to work harder to achieve their goals. Jerry is proud to be associated with Lititz Christian for many reasons. 

Jerry’s favorite reason to go to Lititz Christian is because of the people who go there, so he can learn and have fun throughout the day. Jerry’s hobbies consist of basketball and soccer because he loves to play sports with his friends. Since Jerry liked playing sports so much, he decided to play soccer and basketball for his school. Jerry loves history class out of any other class because of his teacher’s ability to teach the subject extraordinarily, but he also likes math.

After high school, Jerry plans on going to college, but he doesn’t know which one to go to just yet. Jerry attends church at LEFC in Lititz. Jerry’s greatest accomplishment is getting accepted into the National Honors Society. In his spare time, Jerry likes to take a nap to stay relaxed and unstressed. 

In conclusion, Jerry loves sports and physical activities. Next, he loves to stay relaxed and rested so as not to be exhausted or overworked. Then, he likes history as well as math class. Lastly, Jerry despises the pandemic for making everyone sick and ruining people’s plans.

Written by: Joey LaPlaca


Joey LaPlaca


Joey LaPlaca is a student who attended Lititz Christian School for many years. He most enjoys the school environment of learning and talking to his friends. Besides spending time at school, Joey also joined the robotics club for LCS; the reason he joined is because he likes making robotics. Another hobby that Joey has is playing baseball. Joey also enjoys hanging out with his friends and family in his spare time. Joey plans on becoming an X-ray technician after graduation. Joey does go to a local church called Manheim BIC. 

Having a good grade on his math midterm in 2022 is Joey’s greatest accomplishment so far in his life. Joey likes Lititz Christian School very much, and he picked math as his favorite class from all the classes that he has been taking because math is an easy subject to him and it’s fun to learn about it. Joey has two people whom he admires and they are Tyler Velkly and Jerry Jing. He admires Tyler’s intelligence and helpfulness and Jerry’s good relationships with everybody.

Written by: Jerry Jing


Tyler Velkly


Tyler Velkly is a senior at Lititz Christian School.  Tyler’s favorite thing about going to school is all of the friends that he made along the way. Some extracurricular activities Tyler likes to participate in during school is doing the school play whenever he is available. Tyler is the school’s best pianist, so naturally when choosing what to do for college he would focus on something music-wise. When Tyler isn’t being a beast on the piano, he is reading, playing video games, watching the Phillies, and baking bread. He belongs to the Mount Calvary Lutheran Church.

Some hobbies that Tyler has include baking (especially bread), dabbling in 3D modeling, and playing the piano and organ. Tyler’s greatest personal accomplishment was when he became an Eagle Scout. Becoming an Eagle Scout is extremely hard to do and requires a lot of effort and commitment. Tyler’s favorite class is Music Theory, it is very similar to what he is planning to do in the future.

In conclusion, from balancing school work to baking bread all at the age of seventeen, Tyler is one of Lititz Christian’s finest students. Tyler has accomplished a lot in this little bit of life he has lived. I think I can speak for all of us when I say I can’t wait to see what is in store for this 17 year old prodigy.

Written by: Erik Borg


Hannah Jordan


Hannah Jordan is a senior at Lititz Christian School. Anyone who knows Hannah knows that she is a great friend and a great leader. One of Hannah’s favorite things about Lititz Christian is all the close relationships she has even if they are not in her grade. One of her favorite classes at LCS is Anatomy and Physiology because she loves to learn about the human body. 

Hannah is a very talented volleyball player and also helps manage the girls basketball team; she also is a part of the National Honors Society. If Hannah isn’t playing volleyball or working on academics, you can find her playing soccer, at the gym, or hanging out with friends. Hannah is very involved with her church Lancaster Alliance Church and serves in children’s ministry there. One thing Hannah wants to see is peace in our community, country, and world. Hannah has a lot of great memories at Lititz Christian but one of her favorites is winning districts for volleyball her freshman and junior year. Some of the people she looks up to the most are her parents who are hardworking and always encourage her. After Hannah graduates she plans to go into Healthcare management at a Christian university. Wherever Hannah chooses to go she will flourish as a student and a leader.

Written by: Erik Borg