Lititz Christian School


Logan Byrne


A legendary baller, Sea of Thieves fanatic, and gentle-hearted student, Logan Byrne of Lititz Christian School is the definition of loyalty, and greatness. Logan has been at Lititz Christian for over fourteen years, and has stayed a loyal student. Anyone who knows Logan, knows that the aura that surrounds him is indescribable, and provides funny talks and generally just enjoying your time with him.

Logan spends most of his free time either playing video games, hanging out with his group of friends, or being active for the Lititz Christian soccer and volleyball teams. He is a determined athlete, and a mentor, especially to the up and coming soccer players. He is his father’s child, and displays similar characteristics to his father, John, including his work ethic, and love for cars. After high school, Logan plans to enter a 6-year contract with the military. He will be training with cyber security, and his goal is to work his way into the Air Force. Logan also possesses another dream, to attend Full Sail University, and study to become a video game designer.

Logan is a compassionate person, well-rounded man, and one who puts God first in his life. He is an exceptional student at Lititz Christian School.

Written by: Adam Gehman


Jenae Jones


Bubbly, thoughtful, engaging, energetic, and caring are all words used by her classmates to describe Jenae Jones. Jenae is a friend to all who meet her, and she never fails to make everyone laugh. Jenae is a junior at Lititz Christian School, and aspires to attend Pennsylvania Health and Science to become an ultrasound technician.

Jenae stays active inside and outside of school. One way Jenae loves showing her creative side is by making pottery. At LCS, she participates in volleyball and plays on the Varsity Basketball team. She has a love for serving others, including volunteer work at Victory Church where she cares for the 2-4 year olds.

Family is a big part of her life. She sees herself staying in Lancaster when she gets older to maintain closeness to her family. Her aunt Jenna is whom she looks up to the most. She looks up to her aunt for her loving and caring heart, her dedication to sports, and her skill at mothering.

Jenae’s main focus is Jesus Christ. When asked what she is most passionate about she replied, “becoming more like Jesus Christ, no cap.”

Written by: Abby Murray


Erik Borg


Erik Borg is a lively junior at Lititz Christian School. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and eating lunch with them due to his talkative nature. He always appreciates moments with them.

If you ask students at LCS to describe Erik, they’ll likely name Erik as one of the funniest people they know. But friends aren’t the only aspect of school he likes.

Erik loves playing basketball for LCS (though his favorite sport is football), and he is willing to exert all effort to win the game. His competitive spirit and fierce attitude are what gives the team confidence. After high school, Erik plans to go to Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology and major in welding.

Outside of school, Erik loves to fish, eat, hang out with his girlfriend, and take some leisurely drives in his car. He also likes playing basketball with his friends and playing with his bunny, Nugget.

When asked about one thing he would like to change about the world, he said, “I want to end coral extinction because I want the fish to be able to thrive in their natural habitat.” And this tags along with his dream job which is to own a fishing charter.

Erik Borg is a funny, laid back, and thoughtful guy. He truly is a joy to his classmates at LCS.

Written by: Brayden Carpenter


Noah Lawler


Noah Lawler is a junior attending Lititz Christian school, involving himself in many areas of the school including clubs, sports, and leadership roles. He stands out academically and leads the robotics club – an outlet that fuels his love for technology and engineering. Noah is now playing his first year on the high school basketball team and is a strong addition to the program. Pre-Calculus 2 has made its way to the top as his favorite class due to the extraordinary teaching by the LC math department. While being a strong independent student, what he enjoys most about LC is the friendships he has made and the environment of the classes. While excelling in both academic and extracurricular activities, Noah also brings personality and character to his class.

When Noah is not on the court or in the classroom, you will find him involving himself in church. Participating in leading small groups and worship band, he also works with service groups. Aside from his church life he enjoys photography, gaming, and engineering. One of his recent projects included building his own computer.

For college, Noah plans to pursue his passions by getting his bachelor’s degree in robotic engineering or opting for a dual major in computer science and mechanical engineering. Noah is a hardworking, intelligent individual who works to stand out among the crowd, and his dynamic character is greatly appreciated among Lititz Christian students and faculty.

Written by: Kyiah Flahive


Evie Cadwalader


Evie Cadwalader is a senior at Lititz Christian School. When talking about Evie, one would describe her as kindhearted, funny, and thoughtful. Evie is passionate, a hard worker, and she never gives up. She is the valedictorian of her class. Evie is extremely smart, and always works hard to achieve her goal of going to college and becoming an aeronautical engineer. Evie’s favorite part about school are her friends, and the close relationships she is able to build there. She enjoys and works hard in volleyball as well. Last season, she helped lead her team to their second consecutive district championship, and even earned herself a spot on the all-district team.

When Evie isn’t studying or playing volleyball, you’ll probably find her long boarding or hanging out with friends. Evie credits her determination to succeed and her work ethic to her mom, which is who Evie admires the most. Evie is a hard working, genuine, and smart student at Lititz Christian School.

Written by: Daniel Coomer


Danny Coomer


Danny Coomer is a senior at Lititz Christian School. He currently plays soccer and plans to play basketball in the winter. He is a hard worker and determined athlete. He spends most of his free time playing basketball at the rec with his friends or doing homework. He has not stopped working on his basketball skills since last season has ended. He has worked tirelessly everyday to perfect his skills and step up as a player. His hard work and determination is admirable and something we should all strive for. Not only is he an amazing athlete but also a bright student.

He is still unsure what he wants to do after high school, but does know that he wants to go to college. One of his many passions is cooking. He discovered this when he began working at Blackworth Live Fire Grill and had an opportunity to try out working with food and a busy kitchen environment. He is now excited to be training as a line cook. If he isn’t playing basketball, doing school, or working, Danny is hanging out with his amazing classmates. His main goal as his senior year continues is to focus on his athletics and enjoy the rest of the year with his class.

Danny is a bright and talented student at Lititz Christian School.

Written by: Evie Cadwalader