Lititz Christian School


Sunshine Bush


Sunshine Bush is a new student in her junior year at Lititz Christian School this year, joining us at the end of last year. She enjoys environmental science and sculpture. Environmental science teaches her how we impact the environments and ways of changing our bad habits. Sculpture is fun for her as well because it is hands on and creative. She currently attends church at Manheim Brethren Grace. She enjoys that at Lititz Christian you don’t need to be best friends or even close to all get along; it is like a close, constant family surrounding. Sunshine likes the fact that we might not all be in the same group of friends but we are all there for each other. She has participated in volleyball, supporting the team with her ability and encouragement. Sunshine is an outstanding student that has stepped up this year and has chosen to make a difference in her community. She has made a connection to the Milagro house in Lancaster where she took the initiative to collect donations for the mothers in need. After high school Sunshine Bush has plans on working, and also to attend a massage school in order to begin a career in massage therapy. In her spare time, she likes to attend any events going on at school, but the thing she enjoys the most is spending time with friends and family. Sunshine also has a major heart for little kids. She has chosen this year to help kindergartners at her school on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays during study hall. What she really wishes to change in the world is respectfulness and love. She wishes that people can learn to respect boundaries more than most do now. Sunshine has seen a change in herself that she is very proud of since having a past of poor school attendance. She now regularly attends school and church and puts much effort into being successful. She strongly admires Mrs. Jen Lewis, who adopted all Sunshine’s siblings and will soon adopt her as well, and also her loving supportive sister, Harper. These women have been strong role models in her life and have impacted it in such a great way. They have really changed and shaped her life in the best way.

Written by: Katie Kauffman


Margaret Coughlin


Freshman Meg Coughlin is ready to make the most of her years in high school at Lititz Christian School. She is currently in many honors classes, but science in particular has her interested. She has planned to take physics and honors chemistry in the next few years. After graduation, Meg hopes to attend one of the many colleges she has been looking at, among them MIT, William and Mary, John Hopkins, and Vanderbilt. The perfect future for Meg would be to attend college, become a neurosurgeon, and live in a big city with lots of interesting museums. If she can’t become a neurosurgeon, Meg would like to work in clinical psychology, as she finds the brain fascinating and wants to be able to help people. At Lititz Christian, Meg is involved in many things, including the gifted program, choir, and this year’s spring musical, Annie. When not doing school work, Meg can be found reading a classic book, writing a story, playing the piano, or watching the latest Netflix mystery. To any students to follow her, Meg gives this advice, “Don’t stress, it’s not worth it. You have the rest of your life to stress.” With her own advice in mind, Meg Coughlin is finishing off the school year by having fun learning new things, spending time with friends, and counting down the days until summer.

Written by: Madeline Horst


Kdyn Stout


Kdyn Stout is a Junior at Lititz Christian School, Class of 2020. At school, Kdyn participates in the yearbook staff, helping to edit and photoshop photographs. Kdyn is also involved with the Lititz Christian Rock Climbing Club, which is a bouldering club that climbs at Lititz recRoc. Outside of school, Kdyn enjoys camping and hammocking, playing Airsoft with his friends, and riding four-wheeler. At home, Kdyn enjoys playing video games, especially games that are either open-world or FPS based. Kdyn is an avid fan of the television show Parks and Recreation, having watched the entire show multiple times over. Following high-school, Kdyn hopes to enter the workforce as a welder. Having already experienced a taste of it at a camp, and being fueled by his appreciation for automobiles, Kdyn plans to make a career out of this interest.

Written by: Jackson Esbenshade


Elijah Padulese


Elijah Padulese is a 16-year-old student currently attending Lititz Christian School. He is in 11th grade and has been attending LCS for three years. His favorite class is Mathematics because he loves learning concepts he will probably use. He takes part in soccer and playing in games at the school, as well as playing the cello, guitar, and bass at school chapels and events. His favorite things about LCS are the great friends he has, the Christian environment, and the teachers because he loves seeing them “laugh at jokes and not take life too seriously.” In fact, one of his favorite teachers is his math teacher Dr. Wenger because he is “calm, cool, and calculated.” After he graduates, Eli is considering going to Penn State College to study Mechanical Engineering. Until then he feels his responsibility as an upperclassman is to set a good example for his fellow students. “If you wish to have a Christ centered education, and to grow in your faith with a community of believers that value you, then come to LCS!”

Written by: John Lawler Jr.


Isabella Light


Isabella Light is a junior at Lititz Christian School, where she has attended since kindergarten, and plans to stay until graduation in the next school year. The after-school activities she participates in includes; basketball, rock-climbing, school musicals, and talent show. Her favorite class at school is her criminal justice class, as it is applicable to her life and helpful in the direction that she wishes to take with her career. She also feels that her greatest accomplishment to date is completing her criminal justice class, a dual-credit college course. After graduation, she intends to study forensic science in college and find a job that can implement her knowledge thereof. She attends Mount Aetna Bible Church, and is involved in the youth group praise band, occasionally playing the piano in the church service’s worship. When asked who she admires, Isabella said that her mother would have to be the one she would choose for how much she works and tolerates all the silly things that her children do.

Written by: Anna Huber


Jimin Yun


Jimin Yun is currently a junior at Lititz Christian School, planning to graduate with the class of 2020. She regularly attends the Worship Center on Sundays as well as participating in GSM youth group activities during the week. At school, she keeps busy as the varsity boys’ soccer and basketball manager and as a member of student council. She also leads the makeup designs for the school’s spring musicals. To Jimin, the best part of school is how welcoming the teachers are and being surrounded by her best friends. Her favorite class is Spanish because she loves learning how different languages and cultures work. When she isn’t engaged in school activities she can be found painting, practicing makeup, or spending time with friends. This month, Jimin will be inducted into the LCS chapter of the Nation Honor Society. After high school, she plans to attend college to study language and education. Jimin’s biggest role models in her life are her parents. She looks up to her mother as a “little strong woman,” and hopes to carry on her mother’s constant positivity and encouragement. Since Jimin came to the United States from Korea when she was in 6th grade and 12 years old, her biggest accomplishment has been how she learned to adapt to the English language after growing up speaking Korean. Jimin’s young exposure to English helped her develop her love for language. The one thing she would change about the world we see today, is recognizing racial equality and the power of words.

Written by: Kierra Flahive


Benuel Lapp


Benuel Lapp is a senior at Lititz Christian School. He’s been attending the school for nine years. He plays soccer and has helped the soccer team to their 2016 conference victory. Benuel is an active member of the National Honor Society, student council, and yearbook. His favorite subjects are history and English. He has dreams of becoming a secondary social studies teacher and possibly a history professor. His hobbies are playing baseball, going on adventures, camping, and reading a good book. He attends church at the Open door Tabernacle. His favorite aspect of Lititz Christian are the awesome teachers and the good opportunities it provides.

Written by: Nikki Schlegel