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Autumn Sets Sail Under Comfortable Weather

(Shopping News Photo by Donald Reese)

Very moderate temperatures during the latter part of November have provided the perfect opportunity for some outdoor activities without a coat. This young lad and his grandfather took advantage of the nice weather to create a little sailboat out of a twig and a few ginkgo leaves. Perhaps this is their way of saying autumn is finally setting sail.


West Cocalico Supports Adamstown Area Library

(Shopping News Photo by Donald Reese)

The West Cocalico Township Supervisors recently voted to donate $50,000 to the Adamstown Area Library’s “Room to Grow Campaign.” West Cocalico Supervisors presented the check at a recent board meeting to library board members.

Shown in the photo, from left to right, are Leon Eby (Secretary/Treasurer), Dr. Don Klein (Library Board of Trustees), Ray Burns (West Cocalico Township chairman), Jane Webber (Library Board President and Campaign Chair), Gene Ferree (Library Board of Trustees Vice President), James Stoner (West Cocalico Township chairman) and Kathy Thren (Library Director).


Garden Spot High School Rotary Contest Winners

(Shopping News Photo by Donald Reese)

Seven students from Garden Spot High School participated in the Annual Rotary Public Speaking Contest. The winners’ speech topics included responsible technology use and re-focusing on relations, advocacy for bully victims’ rights and the dangers of social/genetic engineering. The winners will move to the second round of competition.

Shown in the photo, from left to right, are (front) Layne Weber (grade 12), Noah Branston (grade 12, second place); (back) Carysse Norris (grade 10, third place), Carley Troop (grade 11), Alyssa Gehr (grade 11) and Sarah Neuville (grade 11, first place).


Reamstown Elementary’s Star Club Has Positive Impact Honoring Veterans

(Shopping News Photo by Donald Reese)

Reamstown Elementary’s Star Club came together to honor Veterans by making cards and decorations. The program stands for serving together at Reamstown and encourages students to make good choices concerning drugs and alcohol. Shown are Star Club members showing their works.

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