Shopping News Home Delivery Area

The map above shows The Shopping News home delivery area in Northern Lancaster County, PA.
CVC audited weekly circulation 36,000 papers.

Article Submission

(Subject to change during holidays)
DISPLAY ADS with proof-Thursday 12 noon
DISPLAY ADS -Monday 8 a.m.
CLASSIFIED ADS -Monday 9 a.m.
NEWS COPY -Thursday 9 a.m.
Photos must be submitted through email as jpegs or
tiffs at least 5” wide and 150DPI or higher
OR through the mail as a processed photo.
(Due to space limitations, news copy is not guaranteed to be published.)

The Shopping News of Lancaster County reserves the right to reject any advertisement. All the information contained herein is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We regret any errors or omissions. The information and advertisements found in The Shopping News do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Shopping News or any of its staff members. We encourage fraternal and civic groups, schools, churches, scouts and other local organizations to submit news releases of general interest. Related photographs of good quality are also accepted. Complete picture identification must be included. All articles will be used as space permits and are not guaranteed to be published. Every news release submitted MUST have a complete contact name, address and phone number. News information can be mailed, dropped at our office, emailed or faxed.

Shopping News Co-Founders – John & Janie Hocking          President & Publisher – Julie A. Hocking
General Manager – Harold Wenger;  Office Manager – Pam Boyer

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