Es Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch Eck

Es Pennsilfaanisch Deitsch Eck

(Originally published in the June 29, 1983 issue of
The Shopping News)

1776 Un Heit
By Russell W. Gilbert

Mit Tee,

Gemacht im See,

Iwwer Taxe

Kemmer gaxe.

Paul Revere,





Fechde gegge

Wind und Regge,

Hunger, Schnee,





Schtarm un Schiesses,

Larm un Giesses,

Schtreit un Kamf,



Mit Flinde,

Rodem Dinde

Hemmer gschriwwe

Graad dohiwwe


Glaar un gsund.


Wie Freiheit

Gut uns beischteht,

Wammer schtrewe,

Pflicht erlewe!

Dinscht meim Land,



  1. Disember 1975



1776 And Today

With tea,

Made in the sea,

Over taxes

We can cackle.

Paul Revere,




Fight against

Wind and rain,

Hunger, snow,

Enemy army.


Thunder shower,

Bitter as gall,

Storm and shooting,

Noise and casting,

Strife and combat,

Freedom’s steam.


With guns,

Red ink

We have written

Right over here

Freedom’s covenant,

Clear and sound.


How freedom

Assists us well,

When we strive,

Experience duty!

Service to my country,

Ribbon of love!


December 1, 1975


For our celebration of the Fourth of July this year, we turn again to the writings of Professor Russell W. Gilbert, emeritus professor of German at Susquehanna University, Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania.

Here is a poem which should be taught by Dutch grandparents to their English-speaking grandchildren, so that they might preserve a bit of their precious German-American heritage in this form. It is also a Pennsylvania-German poem which could be used in Standard German classes in northern Lancaster County, for there can be no “contamination” here, only “elevation”!

Recently, Dr. Gilbert delivered to the printers the manuscript of the fourth edition of A Picture Of The Pennsylvania Germans, which will be republished by the Pennsylvania Historical Association in the near future. As soon as the fourth edition of A Picture Of The Pennsylvania Germans comes from the printers, we will alert you, our readers.

This week, our Deitscher Schtrohhut is raised to Russell Wieder Gilbert of Selinsgrove in Snyder County in Pennsylvania!

June 29, 1983

Es Bischli-Gnippli

as aa fer sei Land gfochde hot