Cocalico High School


Delaney Porter


Delaney Porter, daughter of Liz and Josh Porter, began her senior year at Cocalico with a strong start. During this school year, she has chosen to take German 4 and AP Literature and Composition, and she is also taking two dual enrollment classes through HACC, which are Communications and Humanities.

Outside of classes, Delaney is involved in Global Scholars and was involved in German Club. Looking into her future, Delaney is applying to both West Chester University as well as Seton Hall. So far, she is undecided between becoming a teacher or a therapist. 

Delaney loves to read, paint, and travel. Last summer, she even took a trip to Germany. She loved it there and would love to eventually return in the future. She would also love to visit London as well. 

Delaney recently became employed by the Noodles and Company located in Ephrata. Almost anyone who knows Delaney knows how much she loves Taylor Swift and her music. A fact not so well-known is that Delaney has a talent for easily remembering dates, such as the birthdays of people she has not talked to for years. She was also born in Kansas and lived there for a year after she was born. 

Delaney is a very positive and uplifting person, and she lives her life by the quote, “Never be so kind that you forget to be clever. Never be so clever you forget to be kind” from the song “marjorie” by Taylor Swift.

Cocalico wishes Delaney the best of luck throughout the rest of her school career and all her aspirations beyond high school.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Alyson Dreihaup


During her third and Junior year at Cocalico High School, Alyson Dreihaup, daughter of Chris and Tammy Dreihaup, has packed her schedule full. This year she is taking AP Literature, Microsoft Office, Applied Calculus, Spanish 3, AP U.S. Government and Politics, Financial Literacy, Physics, as well as service learning at Reamstown Elementary School. When she is not in class, Alyson is involved in the Cocalico Girls Basketball Team, Cocalico’s Graphics and Spirit Club, and Global Scholars. Alyson is also involved in church events and youth group at her church, OMPH. Once a week, Alyson attends Cocalico High School’s Army-4-One Bible study. She is proud of earning five student of the month awards in her freshman year at Cocalico, especially since it was her first year attending the school. As a sophomore, she also earned Spanish Student of the Month. Alyson has excellent plans after high school to pursue a degree in education. She would like to become an elementary school teacher. 

During her free time, Alyson loves to play basketball, pursue photography, create digital designs, and attend sporting events with her friends. She also loves to volunteer either at her church or at school whenever possible. Alyson makes many trips to Tionesta, Pennsylvania, to visit family. She would love to travel to Niagara Falls at some point because she thinks it would be a very exciting experience. Alyson Dreihaup is a fun, kind person; and she lives her life by the quote, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Cocalico thinks she will do great during her junior year, and we wish her so much luck!

Written by: Madison Zepp