Cocalico High School


Avery Possessky


While wrapping up his senior year at Cocalico High School, Avery Possessky has had a busy schedule. This school year, his course schedule included AP Statistics, AP Calc AB and BC, AP Language and Composition, Journalism, Physics, and German 4. Outside of his classes, Avery was involved in the marching band during the fall, and he currently is a member of Cocalico’s tennis team. He is also employed at Weaver Markets, where he is a cashier. 

In the future, Avery plans to attend Penn State University for computer engineering. He hopes to become an engineer for a big computer company, such as Google or Microsoft. If he could go or travel anywhere, he would travel to Hawaii because of the tropical environment, although he also does like the idea of spending time in the mountains. 

In his free time, Avery enjoys astrophotography, as well as astronomy. Some fun facts about him are that he likes to swim. He also used to play basketball when he was four years old. A quote that Avery enjoys is “I have no special talent, I am just passionately curious” by Albert Einstein. Cocalico wishes Avery the best of luck as he moves forward with the last month of his senior year and into his future.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Shawn Marucci


During his senior year at Cocalico High School, Shawn Marucci, son of Lori and Donald Marucci, has had a packed course load. This year, Shawn has chosen to take AP Language, AP Microeconomics, Childhood development, British Literature, AP Statistics, Journalism, Physical Education, and Financial Literacy. Shawn is involved in the Forensics Club at Cocalico. As a part of the Forensics Club, he is helping with a mystery dinner. In this future, Shawn has plans to become an English teacher. To pursue this, he will be attending Millersville University, which he is very excited to attend. 

Also in his future, Shawn would love to visit somewhere such as southern Europe. He admires the beautiful beaches and countryside. He also would like to see some Italian cities, specifically for their art and architecture.

In his free time, Shawn enjoys watching sports and hanging out with his significant other. 

He is extremely proud of events like being accepted into college and becoming an uncle. He also looks forward to the possibility of speaking at his graduation. 

Shawn has three siblings, two of which are older and one younger. He also has a Cocker Spaniel named Duke. 

Originally, he was born in Philadelphia, but he moved to Reinholds when he was three years old. 

Shawn is very inspired by the quote, “Be the shark. You’ve got to keep moving. You can’t stop,” by Brad Pitt.

Cocalico wishes Shawn the best of luck throughout the rest of his senior year, and into his future.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Kyley Gensemer


Kyley Gensemer, daughter of Geoffrey and Kelly Gensemer, has had an eventful senior year. To fill her schedule, she has chosen to take classes such as Advanced Art, AP Biology, AP Language, online Psychology, AP Statistics, and Spanish IV. Over the summer, Kyley also elected to take a college-level figure drawing class. While not in her classes, she is involved in many other school-related extracurriculars, including National Honor Society, Leo Club, Global Scholars, American Sign Language Club, and Spanish Honor Society. She is also currently employed at Wawa as a cashier. 

In her future, Kyley has many different plans. She would like to become an art teacher. Before that, she wants to travel. She would like to go to places such as Europe and Mexico. She would also like to learn how to tattoo. In order to pursue this, she plans to attend Temple University, more specifically their art school called Tyler School of Art and Architecture, where she may potentially study abroad. She plans to double major in Art Education and Spanish or to have a major in Art Education and a minor in Spanish. Kyley values her education in Spanish, saying, “I really would like to be able to help students where there is a language barrier or overall be able to teach a class in Spanish.” 

Outside of school, Kyley has interest in things like art, making clothes, and crafting. She also has an interest in writing poetry, as well as fashion. Kyley has multiple accomplishments. She says she is proud of what she did in high school to be able to be accepted into the colleges that she was. She is also proud of the fact that she illustrated a book that got published. A quote that Kyley enjoys is, “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people” by Vincent Van Gogh. Cocalico sees a bright future ahead for Kyley, and we cannot wait to see what she does in her future.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Tiara Turner


While in her junior year at Cocalico high school, Tiara Turner, daughter of Joseph and Tawanda Turner, has an eventful future ahead of her. This school year, Tiara has chosen classes such as AP Literature, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, online French, Digital Photography, Spanish III, Anatomy and Physiology, Civics and Government, and Foods and Baking. Outside of her classes, Tiara is involved in the youth outreach and Sunday school programs at her church. In the future, Tiara aspires to work in the medical field, more specifically as an anesthesiologist. In order to pursue this, she plans on applying to schools such as HACC, Elizabethtown University, Wilkes and Duquesne University. 

Outside of school, Tiara enjoys reading, crocheting, and recently she has begun making customized shirts for her family. If she could go anywhere in the world, she would choose to go to either South Korea or France. 

Some fun facts about Tiara are that she knows a bit of Korean, as well as the fact that she can talk inside of her mouth while it is closed. She has 6 brothers and 6 sisters for a total of 12 siblings. Tiara is very grateful for several accomplishments, like when she got recognized for her academic achievements by a Harvard personnel. She also enjoys the fact that she got one of her works published in the newspaper. One of her favorite quotes is, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better” by Maya Angelou. Everyone at Cocalico who knows Tiara knows her kind nature and hard work ethic. We wish her the best of luck during the rest of this school year and into her future.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Trenner Hunter


While in his senior year at Cocalico, Trenner “Trey” Hunter, son of Robyn and James Hunter, has had his year packed full. His courses this year include AP Microeconomics, Financial Literacy, Marketing, World Geography, AP Statistics, Physics, English, and Physical Education. Outside of his classes, Trey is also involved in student government, Cocalico Mock Trial, Cocalico Book Club, and Peace Church Youth Group. In his future, Trey would like to attend a school such as Florida Gulf Coast University, University of South Florida, or Louisiana State University. He has plans to pursue a career as a realtor. 

Outside of school, Trey is a busser at Texas Roadhouse in Wyomissing. In his free time, he enjoys running, reading, journaling, weight lifting, athletics, cooking, baking, and hanging out with his friends. If he could travel anywhere, he would go to space. He said that he “would love to be one of the few who have gone up there.” 

Some fun facts about Trey are that he can name every country’s flag, he doesn’t like chocolate, and he has shaved his head three times. One of his proudest achievements is that he has been able to change. One of his favorite quotes is, “Get out of your head and get into your heart. Think less, feel more!” by Osho. Cocalico wishes Trey the best of luck as he finishes out his senior year and moves on into his future.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Mayra González


Mayra González, daughter of Micky and Yeny González, has an eventful junior year ahead of her. This year, Mayra is taking Chemistry, Intro to French, AP Language and Composition, Precalculus, AP Spanish, Civics and Government, Journalism, and Psychology. She also recently completed her service learning with Mr. Smith. Outside of her classes, she is packed with extracurriculars, such as Global Scholars, Cocalico Book Club, NHS, and Model UN. Although she does not have any set plans as to a future career, Mayra plans on applying to schools such as Franklin & Marshall, Millersville University, Kutztown University, and Elizabethtown College. 

Outside of her school career, Mayra also loves to relax, by doing things such as, thrifting, listening to music, reading, watching films, drawing and painting, as well as hanging out with her friends. In addition, she also has some great accomplishments that she is very proud of. Mayra speaks two languages, English and Spanish, as well as currently learning a third. She is proud to surround herself with a good group of friends, and she is also proud that she made it into NHS. 

If Mayra could go anywhere, she would choose to go back to her home country of Chile. Mayra has spent almost half of her life in Chile, with her parents and her two siblings, Tamarah and Israel. She was born there, first coming to the United States when she was two. She returned at around the age of six. She lived in Chile until almost five years ago, when she moved back to the United States. 

Some fun facts about Mayra would have to include that she has a double-jointed thumb, she can’t get brain freezes, and she has two last names. Mayra is a very intelligent and sweet person to anyone who knows her. Cocalico wishes her luck as she progresses through the rest of her school career and into her future.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Delaney Porter


Delaney Porter, daughter of Liz and Josh Porter, began her senior year at Cocalico with a strong start. During this school year, she has chosen to take German 4 and AP Literature and Composition, and she is also taking two dual enrollment classes through HACC, which are Communications and Humanities.

Outside of classes, Delaney is involved in Global Scholars and was involved in German Club. Looking into her future, Delaney is applying to both West Chester University as well as Seton Hall. So far, she is undecided between becoming a teacher or a therapist. 

Delaney loves to read, paint, and travel. Last summer, she even took a trip to Germany. She loved it there and would love to eventually return in the future. She would also love to visit London as well. 

Delaney recently became employed by the Noodles and Company located in Ephrata. Almost anyone who knows Delaney knows how much she loves Taylor Swift and her music. A fact not so well-known is that Delaney has a talent for easily remembering dates, such as the birthdays of people she has not talked to for years. She was also born in Kansas and lived there for a year after she was born. 

Delaney is a very positive and uplifting person, and she lives her life by the quote, “Never be so kind that you forget to be clever. Never be so clever you forget to be kind” from the song “marjorie” by Taylor Swift.

Cocalico wishes Delaney the best of luck throughout the rest of her school career and all her aspirations beyond high school.

Written by: Madison Zepp


Alyson Dreihaup


During her third and Junior year at Cocalico High School, Alyson Dreihaup, daughter of Chris and Tammy Dreihaup, has packed her schedule full. This year she is taking AP Literature, Microsoft Office, Applied Calculus, Spanish 3, AP U.S. Government and Politics, Financial Literacy, Physics, as well as service learning at Reamstown Elementary School. When she is not in class, Alyson is involved in the Cocalico Girls Basketball Team, Cocalico’s Graphics and Spirit Club, and Global Scholars. Alyson is also involved in church events and youth group at her church, OMPH. Once a week, Alyson attends Cocalico High School’s Army-4-One Bible study. She is proud of earning five student of the month awards in her freshman year at Cocalico, especially since it was her first year attending the school. As a sophomore, she also earned Spanish Student of the Month. Alyson has excellent plans after high school to pursue a degree in education. She would like to become an elementary school teacher. 

During her free time, Alyson loves to play basketball, pursue photography, create digital designs, and attend sporting events with her friends. She also loves to volunteer either at her church or at school whenever possible. Alyson makes many trips to Tionesta, Pennsylvania, to visit family. She would love to travel to Niagara Falls at some point because she thinks it would be a very exciting experience. Alyson Dreihaup is a fun, kind person; and she lives her life by the quote, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.” Cocalico thinks she will do great during her junior year, and we wish her so much luck!

Written by: Madison Zepp