Cocalico High School


Yuliya Shepilo


Yuliya Shepilo, a junior at Cocalico High School, is a far-reaching, optimistic person that expresses her inventiveness in many areas of her life. This involves school, sports, the arts, and people. She often draws leisurely when given the moment and continually seeks to enhance her artistry. She takes her love for art a step further to incorporate her aptitude with dancing, which she has engaged in throughout her childhood. In addition, she played tennis for Cocalico’s team, which brought more of her team spirit and taught her the key of devotion to pursuing a goal.

Besides the daily coming-and-going jostle of school, she enjoys meeting with friends and embraces the classes she has together to work on thrilling projects. Being an outgoing and sociable person herself, she believes working together makes everything more enjoyable. We can procrastinate and complain, but it’s more assuring when everyone puts in the same effort with the same goal in mind.

Not only that, but she delights in writing creative stories that inspire adventure; in fact, Yuliya hopes to one day travel around the world to her heart’s content and explore the vast unique cultures that make up the beginning of people’s stories. Everyone has an origin, a starting place, and for Yuliya her beginning started in a city called Donetsk, Ukraine. Being a naturally intrigued person, she is fascinated by other cultures and has learned many languages of which she hopes to continue to build upon.

In all of these activities, she makes sure to include a part of who she is by taking classes that touch each area of her interests: AP Language and Composition, German, and 2D art. These interests nurture her desire to help those in need, travel, become a journalist, and always work hard. Yuliya hopes to accomplish most of this in her life, and, if given the chance to change one thing, help abandoned animals who are left alone on the streets.

Moreover, Yuliya hopes to attend Lebanon Valley College after high school with the hopes of becoming a journalist. She also aspires to move to a big city and reach all of her dreams. As Walt Disney claims, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Written by: Melody Pha


Rohan Wallia


Charismatic, ambitious, and ludicrous junior Rohan Wallia is your typical fun guy that lifts the spirits of his classmates and teachers. This is mainly due to his love of socializing with friends and learning about important events. He also enjoys playing volleyball. He regards volleyball as one of his best accomplishments to date explaining, “I was bad in the beginning, but improved near the end.” Further, Rohan seeks to be successful not only athletically, but academically as well. Science is his favorite subject because learning how things work amazes him. He satisfies this curiosity by taking AP Biology and plans to take AP AB chemistry in the future. After high school, he plans to attend a four-year college and major in computer programming.

In addition, Rohan’s number one goal in life is to make his family proud, and he looks up to his dad. This is because in 1984 his dad made the decision to move to America and had no family there, so he had to do everything by himself and get a job. One thing Rohan believes everyone should have is kindness, which would lead to less greed in the world. Moreover, in his heart, he desires to help everyone by being kind. If Rohan could change one thing about the world, it would be world hunger because “everyone deserves to eat and not be impoverished.” If given the opportunity to visit the past, he would visit Washington and ask him what inspired him to be a leader. In his free time, Rohan hangs out with friends, plays basketball and video games, and spends time with family.

Written by: Melody Pha


Ruthlene Dominique


Ruthlene Adassa Dominique, most commonly called Adassa, is a junior at Cocalico High School for the 2019-2020 school year. An interesting fact about her is that she grew up in Haiti and moved to Pennsylvania a year ago. Along with her move to the United States, she continues to learn what it means to be an American as she carries her own culture.

When reminiscing about her life back in Haiti, she emphasizes how much she misses the sun, and that Pennsylvania is colder than what she is used to. However, one surprising yet good change she has noticed is the school system she is used to. Back in Haiti, teachers would come and go while students would stay in one classroom for the rest of the day. She commented that it was very boring, and the change to the American system was surprisingly more exciting. In addition, Adassa had an impression that everywhere in America was like New York. To her surprise, however, she loved the idea of small boroughs and a great deal of beautiful land to survey.

Adassa hopes to go to college and, for now, is thinking of majoring in communications. Her favorite class is English, and she loves to read mainly dystopian, romance, and biography books. Besides reading, she enjoys listening to ayisyen, kompa, r&b, and hip-hop music. Good luck to Adassa for the remainder of the school year!

Written by: Melody Pha