Cocalico High School


Faith Steffy


Faith Steffy, a senior at Cocalico Senior High School, is the daughter of Becky and Troy Steffy. There are four distinct ways to describe her: thrill-seeking, artistic, music-loving, and humble. Faith is always up for something new, especially when it involves having fun and being innovative. It explains her involvement in various activities that include dancing, baking, hiking, biking, swimming, and performing. Likewise, she has been taking lyrical and contemporary dance classes for four years and plays both the ukulele and guitar. She is heavily involved in her church at The Reamstown Church of God and is active in her youth group. Also, she helps in the children’s ministry with Sunday school classes, events, and vacation bible school. On top of this, she’s a part of her drama team, where she performs skits, pantomimes, and human videos. Just recently, she started working at Griddle and Grind Cafe as a barista, where she has the pleasure of making drinks and meeting new people. Fun fact: Faith dreams of opening her cafe one day where she can do exactly this.

Faith has been able to slowly adjust to the hybrid schedule amidst the pandemic, with going to school for only two days of the week. As a senior, she looked forward to football games, dances, and senior trips. Although these events may not be possible this year, it has made her less disappointed to know that everyone is going through the same thing. Despite all of these drawbacks, these experiences have led Faith to be appreciative of the time she’s been able to spend with family and friends. It has allowed her to reflect on her own life and grow more mature as she realizes how privileged she is to have the things she has. Once she graduates, Faith will most miss the time spent with friends because, after high school, everyone goes their separate ways. Similarly, she can’t wait to graduate and become an adult but will surely miss her youth. A valuable life lesson Faith learned throughout high school is to join something new and go for your dreams because you may only have this chance once in a lifetime.

Furthermore, Faith hopes that college will be exciting as she will meet new people, but also a valuable learning experience to be exposed to different perspectives and learn more of herself. She plans to apply to a small, private Christian school such as Waynesburg University and major in psychology. In regards to her personal goals, Faith hopes to form a family, something she’s been dreaming of as a child. She also dreams of buying her dream car, a Volkswagen Beetle convertible.

Overall, Faith wants to be someone who thinks about others before herself, like her great grandmother, who had a rough life but was always there for her family and friends.

Written by: Melody Pha